How to Save Water in the Garden – 5 Simple Ways

Want to keep a beautiful garden this summer without breaking the bank for your water bill? Try these simple tips for conserving water in your garden this summer:

Choose Native Plants

Choosing native plants will ensure that they are fully adjusted to your area’s normal soil, climate and rainfall. Once these plants are established, they will require little watering. Before re-planting your garden, research native plants to your area or ask your local landscape expert.

Keep Plants Organized

Placing plants with similar water needs close together will help avoid any water going to waste. Also, don’t overcrowd plants because fewer plants will of course require less water. Even if areas look sparse now, the areas will fill in quickly.

Keep Plants Small to Midsize

Bigger plants will require significantly more water than smaller size shrubs. Before you plant something, research how tall and wide it’s going to grow. I’ve often seen bushes and shrubs growing through fences and over walkways because they likely grew bigger than anticipated.

Use a Natural Mulch

Placing mulch around plants is great for water retention. Mulch also helps to reduce the amount of water-stealing weeds. Conserve water by spreading your grass clippings and ground-up leaves around your flowers and vegetable plants.

Plant When It’s Cool

New plants require far less water when planted in early fall or early spring when it’s cooler. By the time it starts to warm up, the plants will have established a deep, healthy root system that needs less watering.

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