How to Repair Bald Spots: Rogaine for Your Lawn

Imagine your perfect lawn. It might have sculpted and pruned landscaping, maybe a it includes a fountain, or maybe you just want a replica of the field at Kauffman Stadium. No matter what your dream lawn looks like in your mind, there's one thing it definitely does not have: bare spots. Your ideal lawn is lush and green, and it's something you may actually want to watch grass grow on. Green And Dry Grass,patterned Field Of Green Grass Sports FieldIf your actual lawn does have bare spots, you're in luck. Olympic Lawn and Landscape is here with tips to make your yard look as much like your dream lawn as possible. Pitcher's mound not included.

1. Identify the problem.

Brown spots can result from mold, fungus or insect damage. If you identify the problem you'll be able to specialize and target the correct treatment. If your problem is minor, your local lawn and garden center will have the supplies you need. If you've got a major problem, you may have to completely remove the damaged areas to repair them.

2. Prepare the area.

If you need to plant new grass or apply sod, you'll need to dig out the damaged area about four inches deep. Then fill the area with nutrient-rich top soil. You'll want the soil to be loose, but void of air pockets. When you water the soil, it will naturally compact, and you can also add more soil.

3. Choose your weapon.

The best weapon to fight against bald spots is more grass in the area. You can install sod or plant new grass seed. Either method is great, but they do have their own advantages and disadvantages. Sod is instant and doesn't require much care other than watering. Planting seeds requires a little TLC daily until the root system is firmly intact.

You deserve your dream lawn, and bald spots should not be an obstacle. No matter how you choose to get rid of bald spots on your lawn, Olympic Lawn and Landscape can help you every step of the way. Call our expert team at (816) 875-9296 today.