How to Get a Beautiful Garden With Minimal Work

If you want to create a low-maintenance garden, it is important to combine the most suitable location with the healthiest soil and specific types of plants that are suitable for both. A colorful, all-season home garden is a great option. These types of low-maintenance garden are as close to "set it and forget it" as a garden can be.

Start With a Small Low-Maintenance Garden

Even though the goal is needing only a small amount of time to weed and do other garden tasks, the larger the garden, the more work is involved.

Create the Best Soil for a Low-Maintenance Garden

Rich soil with plenty of organic materials mixed in or added will keep plants healthier all year long. It will also hold onto moisture better to reduce watering time needed.

Choose Plants That Suit the Conditions

One of the best ways to ensure you will have a low-maintenance garden is to carefully select plants that will naturally do well in the location and conditions you have. What type of soil do you have? How much sun does the garden bed get? How much rain? Do some research for suitable plants and you will have much less upkeep to do.

Mulch is a Low-Maintenance Garden Requirement

Mulch not only makes a garden look more attractive in many cases, it also helps prevent weed growth and minimizes watering needs by keeping moisture locked in the soil longer.

Make Upkeep Easier

Consider the two main tasks needed to keep up a garden: watering and weeding. No more dragging heavy hoses or lugging watering cans if you install a drip hose around the plants. To make weeding easier, use a tilling tool to disturb sprouts before they take hold. With mulch and proper planting, your low-maintenance garden may not grow many anyway.

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