Have Fun in the Sun Without Killing Your Grass

There's nothing better than running through a sprinkler and playing in the water on a hot, Kansas City summer day. While sprinklers and water play are fun, they can be damaging to your grass and landscaped areas. If you're looking for a way to have fun with water play, yet not ruin your grass, here are a few tips:

Move the Sprinkler Around the Yard

If you're old-fashioned and enjoy running through the traditional sprinkler, make sure to move it around the yard each day. If you leave the sprinkler in one place, it will not only saturate the yard, but your grass will be trampled on in the same spot. This can kill your grass quickly, so keep it moving around the yard. They also make sprinklers designed specifically for children that have lower water pressure and use less water.

Get out the Water Guns and Water Balloons

One alternative to water play is to skip the sprinkler all together and play with water guns and water balloons. This will allow you to avoid the concentrated traffic and spread the water out throughout the whole yard. Just make sure to pick up the bits of water balloons if you go that route.

Head to the Crown Center Fountains or McCoy Park

There are a few great spots in the Kansas City area that offer free fountains for kids to play. The fountains at Crown Center area always a town favorite, as parents can sit under an umbrella as they watch kids run through the tall fountains. McCoy Park near the Truman Library also has fun fountains for play. This will allow your kids to still get in the water, yet not run through your grass.