Hand Care for Your Green Thumb

Gardening may be good for the soul, but it's also difficult on the hands. In fact, hand care is a delicate subject for anyone who loves gardening. The question of hand care for gardening gurus goes beyond dirt under the fingernails. There are also cracks, calluses and dry skin. Surely there are hand care tips that will work for even the most diehard gardening enthusiast.Green Thumb

Better Hand Care with Gloves

Fortunately, gardening does not have to mean a life sentence of rough hands. The first step toward better hand care for those who love gardening is wearing gloves. Lots of people swear by bare handed gardening as a means to become one with the earth. However, if you want to improve your hand care techniques, a good pair of gloves is indispensable.

Proper Cleansing Makes All the Difference

The right soap can repair and protect as well as cleanse. Look for one that has a vegetable base and contains glycerine. This helps to soften hands and get them clean without drying them out and making the situation worse.

A Nail Brush Gets to the Heart of the Problem

A good nail brush can transform hand care for the gardener. It's the best way, bar none, for getting out the dirt under fingernails. It can also do double duty for getting rid of the dirt that gets embedded in the skin. Use a nail brush after every gardening session to stay on top of the problem. As an additional note, try to keep nails short. Cut them often to minimize opportunities for cracks or other damage while working in the yard.

Moisturize for Success

With a quality moisturizer you'll no longer have concerns about chipping, cracking skin. Udder balm can work miracles. Alternatively, look for a cream that has vitamin E, which can be very nourishing. Turn up the hydration factor with coconut oil. Massage it into the hands, nails and cuticles after every gardening session.Make your garden a success. Call (816) 875-9296 or contact an Expert.