Get Started on Your Indoor Garden

Winter is well underway, and so is your cabin fever. If your green thumb is itching to dig in the dirt and bring something to life, then this is not your season. You may be wondering what you can do to satisfy your gardening craving when it's bitter in your yard. The answer? An indoor garden. You can grow a wide variety of herbs and other plants with a few simple steps. Here they are:


If you like to cook, you're in luck: herbs are the easiest plants to grow indoors. Do you want fresh basil for that margherita pizza recipe you've been eyeing? Perfect. Just plant a packet of seeds in a pot next to a south-facing window. Herbs such as oregano and rosemary grow well and add flavorful excitement to your culinary efforts.

Leafy Greens

Growing leafy greens inside is more involved than growing herbs, but it can be equally as rewarding. Leafy greens require more sunlight than winter days provide, but flourescent grow lights will give your greens the light they crave. Plant your seeds in damp potting soil, water them regularly, and leave the grow lights on for 10-12 hours every day.

Root Vegetables

Round root vegetables like carrots and radishes do not root as deeply as other varieties, and they do well indoors if the seeds are sewn at any point in time from mid-autumn to late winter. All you need is a box, pan or trough to get things rolling.


You can grow small tomato varieties indoors with some time and effort. You still need to stake the plants so they can handle the fruit's weight, and most plants will need to be moved to a large container of potting soil as they grow, but the end result tastes like summer.

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