Gardening Ideas: DIY Miniature Gardens

Homeowners are always looking for gardening ideas. While Olympic Lawn & Landscape loves to help you shape your outdoor environment into something spectacular, we also appreciate the do-it-yourself spirit that keeps people looking for gardening ideas they can implement.

Because we also think that the best gardening ideas are the ones that involve the whole family, we've put together a few inspirational projects that anyone can enjoy. What's more, these do-it-yourself gardening ideas let you reuse common items you probably already have around your house and garage.

Do-it-yourself Gardening Ideas

By now, you've probably seen gardening ideas on T.V. that utilize upside down planters to grow vegetables. You can create the DIY version by using milk jugs or two liter bottles. Cut the bottom off the bottle, drill holes in it to let water through and insert it upside down into the bottle. Drill holes on opposing sides of the bottle that pierce the reservoir where you will insert a small dowel for hanging. Carefully push the roots of the plant through the bottle's opening and add soil. Insert the reservoir and dowel before hanging with twine in a sunny spot. As far as gardening ideas to, this one's a keeper. Quick and expensive gardening ideas like this make your home cozier than ever.Other great DIY gardening ideas involve starting plants from seeds. As gardening ideas go, this one's cheaper than buying plants from a nursery. A citrus peel cut in half and filled with soil and seeds is the easiest version. Alternatively, use an egg carton, and cleaned egg shells, if you like. When the seedlings are mature, plant them in the ground with peel, shell and all.

Need more gardening ideas?

Other fun DIY miniature gardening ideas include creating an herb garden with jars. Glass jars can be found in every house. When properly cleaned and filled with soil, they become the perfect container for herbs. Label and decorate each jar so they'll look pretty on the kitchen windowsill.Olympic Lawn and Landscape, Inc. provides lawn care services, including landscape design, curbing, lawn mowing service, mulching and more!

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