Gardening: 10 Tips for Spring

With the arrival of spring, it's time to focus on great gardening tips. By implementing these gardening tips now, you'll have a relaxing summer.1. String Trimmer Prep. These gardening tips are definitely keepers. Spray vegetable oil on the string trimmer line prior to installation to minimize jamming and breaking.2. Label New Plants. For these gardening tips, gather some flat stones and use a marker to label plants so you can identify them.3. Conserve Water. Gardening tips like this one help save the environment. After boiling vegetables, pour the water into container gardens.4. Control Aphids. These maddening pests undermine the best gardening tips. Wrap some tape around your hands with the sticky side out. Run them along leaves and stems to get rid of aphids for good.5. Frost Fight. For these gardening tips, use empty clay pots as plant protectors, turning them upside down to cover seedlings when the temperature drops.6. Twine at Hand. Gardening tips should lead to less frustration in the yard. Place twine inside a clay pot, drawing the end through the drainage hole. Place the pot in a convenient spot, and you'll always know where your twine is.7. Keep Your Distance. To use these gardening tips, you'll need a yard stick and a long handled garden tool. Use a marker to mark off inches and feet on the tool's handle so you'll always be able to correctly measure distances for new plantings.8. Clean Hands. Run your fingernails along a bar of soap before working outside to prevent dirt from accumulating under them.9. Recycle Tea and Coffee Grounds. Here's another one of those eco-friendly gardening tips. Acidic soil plants will appreciate your used grounds amended into the dirt around their roots.10. Dry Herbs. On the passenger seat of your car, lay down a newspaper and a single layer of herbs. Close the doors and windows. Your herbs will be dry in no time.

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