Restoring Dead Spots in the Lawn

Unfortunately, dead spots are going to happen. You may spend all season long taking great of your lawn but are still unable to avoid the occasional dead spots that are going to ruin your efforts.

The problem with restoring these areas may be that the dead grass isn’t decaying fast enough for your grass to grow back naturally. Below are some steps you can take to restore those areas of your lawn.

First, with the help of a rake or perhaps a shovel, remove the dead grass as much as possible. When doing so, only remove the top part of the soil and avoid digging too deep in order to reuse the soil. Go ahead and dispose that dead grass.

Next, spread grass seed across the area. If you’re unsure of the type of grass in your lawn, you can typically take a sample of the grass to your local hardware store where it can be matched. It may also be helpful to purchase dirt if the area is large.

Sprinkle the area with the seed thoroughly on the formerly dead area. If the area is no larger than 6 inches, feel free to sprinkle the seed until you can no longer see the dirt.

Next, spread the dirt evenly across the top, but not too thick. About half an inch of dirt will be plenty. Once this is done, it’s time to water the grass. Don’t overdo it so that the dirt and seeds are washed away, but be sure the area gets plenty of water.

Depending on the end-of-summer climate, I recommend you water the area twice each day. If the area does not completely dry in between, then only water the areas once each day.

Be sure to keep away that will damage the growth of the new grass such as lawn furniture or pets. After a few weeks you should be able to notice some green sprouts on your lawn.

For more information about restoring dead spots in your lawn or maintaining its beauty, contact your local experts at Olympic Lawn and Landscape at 816-875-9296.