Five Ways to use your Outdoor Patio

An outdoor patio and backyard fireplace is stunning. Not only is it visually breathtaking, but it creates an outdoor living space that is a show-stopper for your family, and your guests. It's calm and cheery in the summer, yet cozy and warm in the winter.As if you needed more reasons than stunning beauty alone on why to create an outdoor living space, here are five ways you could use a wonderful outdoor area:1. Meet your Neighbors - invite them over!Break out of the growing suburban isolationism, and get to know your neighbors! An outdoor living space and fireplace creates a great atmosphere that is inviting and welcoming. Plus, it helps bring more comfort to all of you as you spend time with new friends outdoors rather than inside of your home.2. Host Bridal and Baby Showers!These days, it's hard to find a great, affordable venue for life's biggest occasions such as showers and parties. Indoor parties can feel cramped, yet often times our lawns aren't "where we want them to be" when it comes to hosting outdoor events. An outdoor living space can provide just the ambiance and setting you're looking for, without the expensive rental fees of renting a venue!3. Have a family camp out!Kids dig tents! Have a fun family night as you pitch a tent near your outdoor fireplace and "camp" in the backyard! Use your fireplace to roast smores and make dinner outside! You'll make memories with your family that will last a lifetime!4. Create a Teenage HangoutParents of teenagers all share one thing in common: anxiety. Skip those worry-filled nights when your teens are away, and invite them to hang out in your backyard. A fire pit or grand fireplace will be sure to capture their attention, and create a fun teenage handout space - without the worry!5. Cheap Date NightBy investing in an outdoor living space, you'll create a space for many cheap date nights for years to come! Order in some food, break open some wine, and spend time in front of a glowing fire with your honey.