Five Reasons We Love Property Managers

Sure, we might be sucking up a little bit here provided we love to work with commercial properties - but, hear us out. While many in today’s world have hard jobs, few people work harder than commercial property managers. These guys and gals who manage large properties not only know the in’s and out’s of their large facilities, but they manage staff, create cafeteria plans, work with the city, pick out toilet paper for an entire building, AND lead personal lives as well. So today, we take time to honor these hard-working professionals we’re proud to partner with. Not only because we love to do business with them, but because sometimes hard-working people need a special nod sometime.

So, with that being said, here are five reasons we love property managers:

1. They actually pay attention to the flickering light bulbs in the ceiling, and do something about it. 2. They have some of the most amazing, outrageous employee stories - EVER. 3. They clean up goose droppings off the sidewalks, and adult messes in the building, and still keep coming to work every day. 4. Not only can they lay out square footage plans, but they plan out fine cafeteria menus as well. 5. Whether it’s a wall that needs painted or flower beds that need mulched, these professionals are like stealths, and modern-day super heroes. Nothing - we mean nothing - gets past them.