Five Lawn And Garden Tips To Prepare For Fall

Even though it seems like summer is going on forever this year fall will be upon us before you can say “No more Halloween candy!” Preparing your lawn and landscape for winter is the main job for fall gardeners and homeowners and there’s nothing better than being outside in the cold, crisp air while filling 72 lawn bags with leaves. Ok, there are better things but at least it’s fun to be outside, isn’t it?Some Tips On Preparing Your Yard For Fall:-Aerate or verticut your lawn and then overseed. This year has been murder on lawns and fall is the perfect time to prepare your lawn for lush, spring growth.-Clean and repair your gutters. You don’t want to be up on the roof breaking up ice because your gutters were full of leaves and ice built up under your shingles. You really don’t.-Do some fall landscape clean up. Clip and clear any dead foliage and add a layer of mulch to protect your garden from ice and snow. After the first killing frost clean up any dead annuals in the garden and in pots and put the pots to bed in a protected area.-Clean and repair any lawn furniture. Cover what stays outside and store what’s vulnerable to snow and ice. You’ll be happy to have nice, clean chairs and tables when spring finally comes next year.-Add or straighten garden edging to keep new mulch contained and give your garden a nice clean appearance. Curbing is a lovely and unique way to add character to your garden beds while also keeping mulch from running away.These are just a few things to ready your lawn and garden for fall and winter. Protecting your greenspace before ice and snow descend will help it sleep well and emerge green and rested in the spring. Olympic Lawn and Landscape can help aerate, verticut or overseed your lawn. We can also add concrete curbing and garden edging to complement that scary ghost, scarecrow, snowman or Santa Claus that are on their way here.