Trees And Shrubs Need Water In The Fall

We’re finally out of the awful heat wave of 2012 and have been lucky enough to get some rain. We’re still way behind on rainfall totals so don’t stop looking after your  grass, trees and shrubs. Winter can be especially rough on new plantings as the moisture in the ground freezes and deprives them of their supply of H2O.Occasional watering of your trees in the early autumn is recommended until the leaves begin to fall. When this begins hold off on the hose until the trees are bare. Then give your evergreens and your deciduous (leaves fall off of them) trees a deep watering a few more times.The small dousing of water in early autumn will get them through the transition to late fall and winter and won’t encourage any new growth that won’t make it through the winter. After the leaves are gone it’s a good time for a nice long drink. This is especially true for any new trees you’re planting this fall. Fall is the ideal time for planting trees but it’s also critical to give them lots of water before winter arrives. They will need even more water before the ground freezes for the best chance of survival.Just about every winter we get a day or two of warm weather to remind us that it won’t last forever. These are excellent days to water trees and shrubs. It’ll be worth dragging out the hose or even bringing water out in buckets if it means your plantings will be around to greet you in the spring.If you’re considering a few new trees or shrubs this is the absolute best time to do it! But if you’re not sure just what kind to buy or you’d like to avoid the “digging the really big hole and dragging trees around” part of planting just give us a call at Olympic Lawn and Landscape. Our professional landscapers will come to your home, recommend the perfect plantings and, while you watch from your front window with a cup of tea in hand, we'll put them in the perfect spot. Olympic offers a full range of landscaping services to make your home the envy of the neighborhood.