DIY Landscaping Ideas for your Deck

Most homeowners would love to have a deck where they can lounge to drink their afternoon tea or read their favorite book. A deck, however, may look so plain and rugged if not accessorized with plants. Growing plants on or around your deck will make this area more relaxing and visually pleasing. Here are some ideas that you can do on your own as you start landscaping your deck.

Border Your Deck

Surround the borders of your deck with a mixture of plants that range in height. Flowering plants that give blooms of varying colors are ideal since they provide a splash of color to an otherwise plain deck. A good trick to create volume and density is to prepare a curved bed instead of a flat one. You can then place some bricks around the edge of your plants.

Since you would like this border to grow all year round, choose plants that require low maintenance and are easy to grow in your specific zone. For instance, if you are landscaping for Missouri weather, pick plants that can survive the long summer months with minimal watering. The purple cornflower is a good example.

Use Potted Plants

You can also place potted plants on your deck. Flowering plants and crotons are good choices. To avoid staining the wood on your deck, you may want to raise the pots by using plant pot holders. They come in various colors and designs too that will add some style to your deck. Try using pots of different sizes and colors for added design.

Hang Some Flowers

This is a very nice idea, especially if your deck has a pergola. You can hang flowering plants on strategic locations, or you may also opt for herbs since they grow well in shaded areas.

Lattice on Your Deck's Wall

You can cover one side of your deck with a lattice wall, where you can place crawling plants, like sweet peas. This is also a good place to hang your flower baskets. In addition, the lattice design gives an added beauty to your deck and it can provide some shade too.

What are your favorite techniques to dress up your backyard deck? Share your ideas below.