Decorative Landscape Curbing Trends: Concrete is In

Decorative Landscape Curbing in Kansas City & Lee's Summit

decorative landscape curbing lees summit kansas cityDecorative landscape curbing is the beautiful and functional border that separates the grassy section of a lawn from the part that contains mulch, trees, flowers or shrubs. While this landscape curbing was originally included to be functional, it is now a part of the beauty of landscaping as well. Landscape curbing does not simply keep mulch in place and reduce erosion; it also makes for a more polished, professional and beautiful look.The first landscape curbing materials were often railroad ties or bricks. Then, plastic and metal barriers were popular for a while. While these options were perfectly functional, they do not offer as many unique design options as today's landscape curbing materials, such as concrete. After all, concrete does not have to be gray and flat like a sidewalk. Concrete can be shaped and colored to create a wide variety of unique and beautiful looks.

Concrete Landscape Curbing Colors

While basic concrete is gray, concrete does not have to stay that way. Concrete can be colored any color a homeowner would like, from red to brown to green to blue. Concrete can be one solid color, or it can be mixed in a beautiful and interesting pattern. Whether a homeowner wants their curbing to blend in or stand out, concrete can get the job done.

Concrete Landscape Curbing Shape

Concrete curbing also comes in a wide variety of shapes. Some of the most common shapes are: mower edge, border edge, lane divider, sloping border, high-profile boarder and parking lot. However, concrete can be poured and molded into any shape a homeowner desires.

Concrete Landscape Curbing Sizes

Concrete curbing is generally six to seven inches wide, as this width delivers the best performance. However, if a homeowner would like a curb that is narrower or wider, that is not a problem. Homeowners have many options.The concrete curbing industry is booming, and it is easy to see why. Concrete curbing is versatile, beautiful and durable. Concrete is a great choice for landscape curbing.

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