Customize your Lawn with Concrete Applications

You can tell a lot about a person by their lawn, but for those who don't have a natural green thumb, making your lawn pop with its own uniqueness doesn't have to be a hard task to accomplish. Concrete curbing and concrete applications can be just the thing needed to add some creativity and customization to your landscaping.Most people think that concrete lawn products are only for flower beds and for borders around the house, but did you know that there are tons of other creative uses for concrete applications? From one dimensional logo designs to making your grill the focal point of your back yard, concrete can change the entire landscape of your lawn.

Curbing Designs

One way to make your lawn more reflective of who you are is to use customizable concrete curbing. The great thing about customizing it yourself is that you can choose designs and colors that fit your personality.

Logos Around Your Home

Want to show your Alma Mater you are still rooting for them? You can customize your concrete curbing in a one dimensional shape to resemble your favorite sports team logo. Big KU fan? Use the curbing colors, patterns and your own shrubs and flowers to create a design that is sure to impress other Jayhawks.

Trees Edged with Concrete

Are you more of simple elegance kind of person? Use curbing to edge your trees. Make it your own by choosing a stamping pattern and color that reflect you and your home.

Backyard Centerpiece

Creating a focal point in your back yard can do wonders for party hosting and even just family meals. A focal point is a space in your yard that you want people to notice and it can also give people a place to gather around when you are hosting an event. Concrete curbing can help you set your grill, fire ring or a play area as the focal point. Using a curbing application to make your focal point stand out, is an even bigger plus by adding style and landscape design.

The Patio

If you have a wooden deck, you know that it takes maintenance. Over time, the wood needs to be re-stained or even replaced depending on what type of climate you live in. If you are thinking about a new patio one solution is to replace the old wooden deck with a concrete patio. Concrete patios aren't what they used to be either. With tons of different colors and stamping designs your patio can be high end without putting an end to your budget.Stamping sets can even make the patio look like tile, brick or slate without paying the high prices for those materials.

Walk Ways

One fun ways to add a touch of style to your lawn is to add a concrete walk way in your front or back yard. This type of walk way can accentuate the outside of your home. With the same variety stamping and color choices as a patio, you can customize your walk way to match your home or garden.If you are thinking about ways to add a little touch of "you" to your lawn this year, look into concrete options. From edging to large spaces, customization is the best way to make it your own.