Curb Appeal- Ways to Make Low-Cost Improvements

Your home’s curb appeal is the opportunity to provide a great first impression. If you’re looking to enhance the look of your home or build value, great curb appeal will encourage potential home-buyers to want to look inside.

Here are several simple, low-cost improvements you can do right away.

Replace the Hardware

If your home has its original house numbers, mailbox, outdoor light fixtures and entry door lockset, it may be time for an upgrade. Replace anything that looks worn or out of date. Make sure these elements flow collectively to add some style.

Dress Up the Front Entry

The focal point of your curb appeal should be the front door and entryway. A blast of color or custom wood decor will make a statement and reflect your home’s interior. Add additional simple decor such as a wreath or potted plants for charm and personality.

Let There be Light

Installing low-voltage landscape lighting will make a big impact on curb appeal. It will also make your home more safe and secure. Illuminate a walking path or add accent lighting to the landscape to brighten your lawn at night. Be sure if a bulb burns out, you replace it right away.

Replace Gutters

If your home’s gutters and downspouts are old, they are likely beginning to rust and suffer from peeling paint. New, snap-fit vinyl gutter systems typically don’t require paint or many tools to install.

Add Outdoor Pieces

Add personality to your lawn with water resistant artwork. Things like wind chimes, bird baths and water sculptures are low maintenance and functional. These also give off a soothing sound that can make a hot day seem cooler. Be sure to choose classy (not tacky) lawn art and keep them away from leaf-dropping areas.


Of course, your curb appeal begins with the health of your lawn and landscape. For more ideas for enhancing your home’s curb appeal and improving your lawn and landscape, contact Olympic Lawn & Landscape today!