Use Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home

We all know that first impressions matter. But did you realize that your lawn & landscaping are the first impression for your home? A recent story in Tampa reported that some home buyers aren't buying homes if the lawns are "Plain Jane." Lawn and landscape is becoming a more prevalent piece of the "Sell My Home" puzzle. So if your a seller who's trying to sell your house in this home buyer's market, consider addressing concerns with your lawn and landscaping. 

Why Landscaping Increases Curb Appeal

Just picture it - you walk up to a great house that has all of the "essentials" and what you and your family need. But the yard is a mess. Or, maybe it's not a mess, but there's no pizazz. It's plain and boring. You keep looking and then find a similar house with everything that you need, but it's got concrete curbing for edges, healthy plants and a well-maintained turf. It's almost a no-brainer. Most will go for the house with landscaping and nice lawn. It appears there's more value in the home price, there's less that has to be done, and it just looks better.

Curb Appeal Can Increase Home Value

A Michigan State study reported that landscaping may increase your home's property value by 5%-11%. It's always been pretty common knowledge that curb appeal helps sell homes, but more and more studies are showing that it doesn't only help sell the home, but can improve the home's value. And in a competitive market where your home may be on the market for at least 90 days or more - it's smart to do everything you can to increase curb appeal.

Keep Your Landscaping Simple

Increasing curb appeal continues to remain on lists of home improvement investment projects that get the biggest "bang for your buck." As Business Insider recommended however, keep it simple. Don't go overboard and invest in your wildest, most desired landscaping if you're trying to sell the place. You don't have to go crazy to add curb appeal and improve landscaping. Consider:
  • Your turf - is it cut, fertilized and weed-free
  • Your edges - are they trimmed, defined, and even curbed?
  • Your shrubs - are they trimmed, healthy and properly placed?
  • Your flowers and bushes - are they pruned, or wedded (in the off season)
As you gather your home selling checklist, don't leave off landscaping. It will create the difference from someone meagerly walking into your home to tour, and someone nearly wanting to race through the front door because of how charming your property appears.

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