Creating Outdoor Ambience

As we move further along into summer our entertaining bug begins to bite (which is better than the mosquitoes) and we invite friends and family over to mix, mingle and watch the fireflies. Creating an enjoyable evening can be as simple as burgers on the grill and paper plates. But let’s say you really want to create an outdoor haven for those long summer evenings.Outdoor ambience can be created in a number of ways. We’ve covered concrete curbing to get those beds in order, lawn watering to create a lush carpet for little kid feet and even given cooking advice sure to bring the neighbors running (invited or not). But what else can you do to fulfill your outdoor fantasies?Outdoor lighting is a great way to create an inviting mood. Whether it’s vivid and colorful or soft and restrained, outdoor lighting can add beauty and drama to your setting as well as safety. Use to accent plants, water features or even place a few in the trees. Solar lights eliminate the need for wiring but investing in an electrical system increases your options. Even candles (real or electric) placed here and there create a lovely setting.Add a water feature. Whether it’s a small out of the way fountain or a waterfall the sound of running water is a soothing background music for you and your guests.Speaking of music, outdoor speakers are a wonderful way to bring your iTunes outdoors. How about some Johnny Hartman for an intimate dinner for two or The B-52s for a party? Music is a fabulous addition to any gathering.Always have plenty of seating. Options abound for seating arrangements that are small, large or in between. Not only are a table and chairs required for outdoor dining, but small hide-a-way benches are great for escaping with a book as is a hammock for mid-day naps.If you have water why not have fire? Outdoor fireplaces have come a long way from a place to burn leaves. They’re lovely and elegant and perfect for a snug atmosphere. Fire rings and fire pits are also warm gathering places on chilly evenings. Don’t forget the s’mores for a weekend camp out in the backyard.Olympic Lawn and Landscape isn’t just about grass, trees and shrubbery. We love the outdoors for entertaining and relaxing, and we’d love to help you with all of your patio party needs. From fireplaces to grills to waterfalls we can make your outdoor dreams a reality.