Creating a Winter Landscape Full of Holiday Cheer

Now that winter has arrived, chances are your landscaping routine has changed on account of the dropping temperatures. Especially if you live in a region more prone to harsh winters like Kansas City, you may worry that your winter landscape will be boring due to dormant plants. This time of year, you want the exterior of your property to reflect the vibrant holiday spirit that’s abundant in the interior.

Just because it’s colder doesn’t mean that your winter landscape has to suffer. Here are some ways to make your winter landscape lovely this holiday season and all winter long!

The Perfect Plants for a Cheery Winter Landscape

Evergreen Trees & Shrubs

True to their name, evergreens will retain their color year-round, making them ideal for your winter landscape. Unlike their name, evergreens aren’t just green -- they come in yellows, blues, and many other shades. Boxwood and mountain laurel are two lovely varieties of evergreen shrubs great for any winter landscape. Try grouping some evergreen shrubs in your foundation plantings or placing cut holly branches in your window planters for more visual interest.

Year-Round Perennials

Four-season perennials, like dianthus, hellebores, and some ornamental grassescan, will provide color to your winter landscape.

Berries & Fruits

Shrubs or trees that have berries or other little fruits look lovely in a winter landscape. Winterberry holly shrubs are not evergreens, but their beautiful red berries stay on throughout winter. These berries and other remaining fruits, like crabapples from crabapple trees, will add a much-needed pop of color to your winter landscape.

Interesting Bark

Though your deciduous trees will shed their leaves in the fall, their bark can still provide visual interest to your winter landscape. Some trees with distinctive bark in terms of texture and color include birches and dogwoods. Amidst a sea of dull brown trunks, these trees will stand out in your winter landscape.


Your hardscaping helps beautify your property in any season, but it’s especially important in your winter landscape. Hardscaping like a rock wall or even a backyard fireplace can be enjoyed year-round and require little maintenance.

Get Help With Your Winter Landscape

If you need assistance with your winter landscape in Kansas City, Olympic Lawn & Landscape can provide winter landscape tips, flower bed design and planting, and commercial and residential snow removal.

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