Complement Your Pool With Curbing

What makes your pool look like million bucks?What is completely customizable to enhance all parts of your pool, lawn or driveway?What comes in all sorts of shapes, colors and textures?Yep, we’re talking about concrete curbing. It’s the perfect complement to your pool’s landscaping that not only beautifies it also keeps out weeds and grass and holds in mulch. It can be tinted, shaped or formed just the way you want it and can roll uphill, downhill or even mimic the shape of your pool.Concrete curbing is stable, reliable, beautiful and completely your own expression. And Olympic Lawn and Landscape is your curbing headquarters. We can create the perfect border for your pool landscaping that discourages people from walking (and little ones running) through your garden beds and tracking debris into the pool and clogging your filter.Olympic Lawn and Landscape can also install curb lighting to highlight your pool for family entertaining or even those romantic summer night swims. It creates a subtle and beautiful mood that will be the envy of the neighborhood.The professionals at Olympic Lawn and Landscape can also install a walkway or path to the pool area in the same style. Curbing can even be customized to match the stone or brickwork of your home and maintain the style throughout your yard.Our professional landscape team can also help you select and install any flowers, shrubs or trees that will add that last touch of style and beauty to your pool and yard area. So call us today at 816-875-9296 to learn all about the endless possibilities of curbing.