Five Common Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

Experienced, professional landscaping companies make landscaping look easy and effortless, but the process is rarely as easy as it looks. For a yard that is truly beautiful, you cannot just place any elements you like anywhere you want and call it a day. Landscaping does offer a lot of freedom, but not everything is going to work. Here are five common landscaping mistakes you will want to be sure to avoid if you are doing your landscaping yourself.

Landscaping Errors to Avoid

 1. Using the Wrong Type of PlantsWhen it comes to choosing plants for your yard, you have to consider more than just what plants you like and which plants are on sale. Instead, ask yourself questions such as "How often does my yard flood?" and "How much sunlight does my yard get?" to help you make the right decision.2. Planting in the Wrong PlaceWhere you plant matters. Don't plant trees right next to the sidewalk, your driveway or your house, where their roots could tear up the pavement or your foundation. Don't plant tall trees under power lines, and be careful not to cover up your windows.3. Forgetting to Plan for Local WildlifeWhether you want wildlife in your yard or not, you should be sure to plant with your local wildlife in mind. Some plants will attract animals like rabbits, deer and mosquitoes, while others will send them away.4. Neglecting to Plan AheadThe landscaping you install today isn't going to look the same 10 or 15 years from now after your plants have had time to grow. Be sure that you consider how your landscaping will evolve over the years.5. Not Considering Looks, Cost and FunctionThere are a lot of factors that should go into choosing just the right landscaping. If you choose based just on what looks good or what is on sale, you may end up with a yard that is less than practical. Be sure to consider all three.

Make the Right Landscaping Decision

If you're looking to avoid landscaping mistakes, your best bet is to call on an expert. Our skilled team is ready to enhance the beauty of your home or business today.

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