Clear the Ice | Commercial Snow Removal

This year in Kansas City we have been blessed with a fairly mild winter. But even with that said, weather here is always unpredictable and it is always best to be prepared for the worst!  And if you are a business owner, being prepared for ice and snow removal is invaluable.

Have you ever pulled into a parking lot on a cold winter morning and did a 180 in your car because you didn't know that it frosted over night? Or the worst is stepping out of the car on the way to the store and slipping on black ice. Too many unnecessary accidents have happened in parking lots over the years because store owners were not prepared.

Commercial Snow Removal

As a commercial snow removal professional in Kansas City, I have seen my fair share of ice covered parking lots. And I can't say enough about clearing the lot to make shopping safer and easier on store customers. Having a plan for winter weather can save you and your customers many headaches.

The Plan of Snow Removal

For a business owner, having a winter weather plan is vital to success. The key to the plan is finding the right snow removal company to fit your financial needs.

Get an Estimate

Most Kansas City snow removal companies will take a look at your property and give you an estimate based on the size of your lot. Before the estimate is done, check to see if the estimate is free or if there is a charge. An estimate will help you determine what your budget should look like.Be sure to get multiple estimates to find the best snow removal company for you.


After you have an estimate, work on a winter budget. Because snow can be hit or miss, it is always best to allot for unforeseen snow removals. Having enough room in your budget to make it till the first day of spring is wise.

Hire Early

After you establish your budget, choose a company as soon as possible. The earlier you can lock into a contract the better. Many snow removal companies fill up quick, so finding the right fit early is the best option.


One crucial point of contention in finding and hiring a snow removal company for your business is finding one that is available for emergency removals. Snow and ice storms can be unpredictable, but having your commercial snow removal company available 24/7 shouldn't be.Read all of the fine print before you sign a contract and make sure the company can be on-call for emergency weather.

After the Storm

Finally, look for a snow removal company who will do touch up services post-storm. Having your parking lot plowed after the initial snowfall is great, but inevitably when the temperature drops overnight, the lot could still have some slick spots in the morning.Always remember that safety is the first priority. If you are a business owner, be sure to make wise decisions this winter when it comes to keeping you and your customers safe.