Cleaning Your Gutters In The Fall

Yay, fall is finally on its way and we can say goodbye to the summer of 2012. And while we welcome cooler temperatures and a nice fire in the fireplace we’re also faced with the chores that go along with change of seasons. Olympic Lawn and Landscape has a few tips starting with what's on top of your house.One chore that’s very important is cleaning and maintaining the gutters around your house. It’s a task that should be done in spring as well as fall and gutters should be checked for debris a least a few more times during the year.

What will happen if I don’t clean my gutters?

Full gutters and downspouts can cause rainwater to overflow and cause extreme saturation that may end up in damaged landscape or even a flooded basement.Leaves and other material will keep your gutters from draining correctly and the accumulated water can cause mold, fungus and bacteria that can creep under your shingles. Not only can this rot your roof but the smell will also get into your home.Speaking of shingles they can also become damaged as excess water buildup can actually freeze and pop those shingles right off damaging your roof.

Can I clean my gutters myself?

Cleaning your gutters isn’t fun but it can be done over a weekend with some help. Always practice safety and don’t tackle them alone. Have someone stabilize your ladder and use a bucket and rope to raise and lower your supplies. You can also use a bucket to hold debris and lower back to your helper to dispose of. It’s easier than having to clean debris from the ground below.After your gutters are clean get a hose to give them a good rinse and check to waterflow through the downspout. If they're clogged  a plumbing snake or wet/dry vac can loosen and remove.And remember, just because you have gutter screens/guards doesn’t mean you can neglect your gutters. They can become covered with debris or become loose so don’t forget to check periodically.

What if I don't feel comfortable cleaning them myself?

If climbing a tall ladder, running around two stories off the ground, or carting bucket after bucket of rotted leaves up and down doesn't sound appealing (it really doesn't) just give us a call at (816) 875-9296. We can give your gutters a thorough cleaning and inspect them for any damage.  Don’t take your safety for granted, give us a call, stay on the ground, and check another fall chore off your list.