Cheap Landscape Curbing’s Biggest Enemies

We've all been there - its tempting to give into the cheap landscape curbing that's calling your name. Its all curled up, so nice and tight, sitting on the shelf like a good little piece of coiled black plastic. Especially with it's darling little price tag hanging from the shelf. It doesn't want you to know that once you cut those zip ties, it just goes down from there. Once you manage to wrangle it into some sort of manageable form and get it lined up in your yard, there's no guarantee that it will last. And that cute little price tag becomes a glaring realization that all of those pennies just went down the drain. Especially when it gets near one of it's biggest enemies like:Garden


Plastic, cheap landscape edging is an enemy to shoes. As your family, your spouse and your guests walk through your yard, all of the sudden the edging disappears, and gets walked over. Plastic landscape curbing hates shoes, and eventually folds under pressure.

Midwest Temperatures

It's hot, then it's cold, then it's boiling hot again, then we have no rain, then we have too much rain, etc. Thus is the story of Kansas City weather. That cute, cheap coiled piece of plastic landscape edging isn't so cute anymore once it's endured Midwest temperatures and has cracked, warped and faded.


You may love your dogs, but cheap landscape edging will not. And while some dogs hate the edging for it's "suggested" boundary line - or others love it because it's quite the chew toy - cheap landscape edging will not last when your pups run your lawn.

Weekly Lawn Mowing & Trimming

Say goodbye to your plastic piece of landscape edging when you trim and mow around the edges with a string trimmer each week. Eventually, the plastic will get scratches, warp and even tear from the constant beating of the string. It's really a lose-lose. Edging requires the use and need of trimming; however trimming beats up that poor piece of plastic. It's not a good match.

Quality, Custom Landscape Curbing for Landscape Edging

Of course, the last and biggest enemy of cheap plastic landscape curbing is it's competitor - quality curbing like that provided by Olympic Lawn & Landscape. Custom landscape curbing isn't only made of concrete so that it will outlast all of the landscape edging enemies (like shoes, weather, dogs and more...), but it's also designed to make homeowners extremely happy. Our curbing can be colored, designed and shaped to home owner's specifications. Quality curbing isn't only better to use for your pocketbook, but it will also look better and last longer, blowing any benefits that the cute, coiled black landscape edging out of the water.

To learn more about Olympic Lawn and Landscape's extensive landscape edging and curbing services, call (816) 875-9645 today.