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Where to See Beautiful Fall Foliage in Missouri

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Autumn is a gorgeous time of year with vibrant colors abound. Everywhere you look it seems like Mother Nature is urging you to take in the fall splendor. Many people think of Vermont when they think of fall foliage, but Missouri has its share of beautiful deciduous trees that shed their leaves every year. Where are they? Read on to find out.Attum In New England, Boston, Massachusetts

Best Place Guidelines

You can see Missouri’s colorful foliage just about anywhere:

  • If you can’t get out of town, seek out nearby places with mature trees, such as older neighborhoods, parks, and even cemeteries.
  • Even areas without trees, such as prairies and roadsides, display beautiful shades of purple, gold, olive, and auburn with autumn shrubs, wildflowers and curing, rustling grasses.
  • On a smaller scale, drive on back roads, hike, or take a float trip under a colorful forest canopy on a clear, blue-sky day. Visit MDC Conservation Areas and Missouri State Parks.
  • For spectacular views, choose routes along rivers with views of forested bluffs, and along ridges with sweeping scenes of forested landscapes.

Kansas City Color

Our very own region is home to a vast palette of colors. Check out Burr Oak Woods and Buffalo Creek Conservation Areas if you enjoy hiking, or venture out to Knob Knoster State Park.

A Weekend Getaway for Your Eyes

Central Missouri — areas like Columbia, Jefferson City and Lake of the Ozarks — is also a great place to see some autumn foliage. For a great day or weekend trip full of fall color, go to Painted Rock Conservation area and Rock Bridge State Park.

Color by Northwest

The hills are alive with color from — especially yellow — from Kansas City to the Iowa border. Any forested area should be great for fall color this season.

For more information about where to see breathtaking views of fall color, or how to get some great color in your own backyard, call Olympic Lawn and Landscape at (816) 875-9645 today.


Plant a Tree in Memory this Memorial Day

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tree plantingMemorial Day is a special day to remember those who died while serving their country. We encourage those honoring loved ones this year to plant a tree in their memory.

Whether you’re honoring a beloved Veteran or wanting to honor your country as a whole, planting a tree is a great way to honor and remember our Veterans who gave so much.

A vivacious tree, big or small, is an amazing and honorable memorial. It’s something for generations to enjoy and truly benefits everyone.

Trees can inspire faith, growth and loving memories as they honor our loved ones year after year.

Plant a tree with family and friends this Memorial Day in honor of a loved one or Veteran. With loving and comforting thoughts, each tree will be a living monument for all to enjoy.

Planting a tree with such honor is a lasting tribute. Who will you honor this Memorial Day?

Know your Trees – A Tree Guide

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Some people are “tree whisperers” – they know a lot about trees. They can look at a tree and not only tell you what type of tree it is, but what is produces, how old it is and how tall it will get. While some have a gift of knowing about trees, others struggle to tell you what kind of tree it is just even when examining the leaves. For those who struggle with determining tree types, here is a quick guide:

A Tree Guide

Know your trees through these helpful tree-telling tips:

Oak Trees: Acorn Producers

Oak trees are plentiful in the Lee’s Summit, MO and surrounding areas. Oak trees have spirally leaves. Oak trees can get very tall and full, and tend to drop a lot of large, dried leaves. Missouri is known for several types of oak trees including white oak, bur oak, red oak and pin oaks.

Maple Trees: “Whirlybirds”

Maple trees can grow to be 30-145 ft. night and are known for their opposite leaf arrangement. Maple trees flower in shade of green, red, orange and yellow. Maple trees also drop “whirlybirds” or helicopters, as kids call them.

Black Walnut Trees: Walnut Droppers

Black Walnut trees are known for the large, black walnuts that it drops. Because of the growth-inhibiting chemical dropped by the walnuts, trees typically don’t grow near other foliage.

Hickory Trees: Curling Bark

The most common hickory tree in Missouri is the shag bark tree. This tree is known for a light-gray bark color that curls away at the bottom.

Flowering Dogwood: Official Missouri State Tree

This tree is known for it’s beautiful blooms. As the official Missouri State tree, dogwoods are prevalent in many area neighborhoods and commercial landscapes.

Sweet Gum: Prickly Ball Droppers

Sweet Gum trees may have the most playful name, yet leave the largest headache when it comes to it’s “prickly balls” that are dropped. Leaves are star-shaped and turn red and yellow in the fall.

Spring Flowering Trees

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With spring approaching at a gallop we are finally rewarded for waiting out the winter. Tulips, daffodils and hyacinth arrive in an explosion of color and fragrance and then the flowering trees bloom and reaffirm our love for the Midwest. Trees and maybe a few well-designed flower beds can dress up any landscape and enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Flowering Dogwood. The Missouri State Tree is a fine place to start. Blooming in colors from white to the softest pink and bold rosy red this stunner can reach a height of 20 feet. In the fall the trees again treat us with pink, red or purple foliage.

Ornamental Pear is another showstopper with tall upright branches covered in white blooms. Planted in groups by many municipalities the Bradford Pear gave city dwellers a lovely spring recharge but they are susceptible to wind and hail so many of them are being replaced by heartier varieties to ensure a lovely sight for years to come. They can reach a height of up to 35 feet depending on the variety

Redbuds are almost as representative of Missouri as the Flowering Dogwood. Longtime residents remember the redbud from childhood as the blooming trees are breathtaking. They most commonly come in colors of pink or deep purple and can reach a height of 25 feet. They are known to reseed so you may have little babies to transplant or give to friends.

A lesser-known but wonderful spring flowering tree is the Serviceberry. A multi-trunked and slow growing tree it produces lovely pink-tipped white blooms that develop into edible purple or red fruit in the fall. Leaves turn a beautiful deep red as winter approaches.  It can reach 15-25 feet tall and 10-15 feet wide.

The Crabapple is another tree that graces the Midwest with thick, heavy blooms that are sometimes fragrant. Long limbs rise up and when the breezes blow they release showers of white, pink or red petals. Look for varieties that don’t bear fruit and are disease resistant. Average height is only 10-25 feet so this is an ideal ornamental tree.

If you’d like to add trees to your landscape just give us a call. We offer professional landscaping services that will complement your house and make entertaining outdoors a treat for you and your family. Consider adding curbing to your garden beds or rejuvenate your patio and complete your outdoor transformation.

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