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Choosing A Grass Type For Your Yard

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Spring is coming (or is already here) and you’ve probably looked outside with mixed feelings as your eyes land on your lawn. You think about lawn maintenance, weeds, or the lovely and fickle Missouri summers that either drown or desiccate grass until it just gives one last sigh and gives up the ghost. Grass isn’t just one giant green blade, there are many, many varieties and some are ideally suited for our area. Paying attention to what seed you toss out will go a long way toward keeping your lawn green and happy.

Lawns are normally grouped into a couple of catagories; warm season or cool season.  Warm season grasses such as  bermudagrass, zoysiagrass or buffalograss are good for the southern areas of the US where summers are hot and winters are mild. Some such as zoysiagrass will tolerate our northern Missouri climate but will go dormant when temps go below 50 degrees and are among the last of the grasses to green up in late spring. However, they tolerate our burning summers very well and may be the only green on the block when Independence Day comes. It does need at least 6-8 hours of sunlight so avoid planting in large shady areas as the turf will be as thin as a bald man’s head.

Cooler season grasses are best for areas with warm summers and cold winters such as Kansas City. These grasses include fine and tall fescues, bluegrass and bentgrass. They’ll grow well in the spring and fall and then slow during the summer heat. Fescues are a good all around choice as unlike the majority of cool season grasses they are shade tolerant and perform well in the transition areas that bisect Missouri into cooler and warmer zones. It becomes more wear tolerant when mixed with a small amount of rye. Bluegrass is another fine choice and is more wear tolerant than fescue or buffalo grass so is great for high traffic areas. Golf courses love it for fairways, tees and roughs. It has runners that allow it to  spread and fill in bare spots.Cool season grasses can also be seeded in the fall over warm season grasses. This provides a green cover during a period when the warm season lawn goes dormant and turns brown.

Regardless of what type of grass you use in your lawn they will all GROW. And if you have a busy summer schedule you know how mowing can get away from you. We’ve all seen how one good rain can seem to make your grass grow an inch overnight. So if you find yourself coming home after dark so your neighbors can’t gang up on you or you wake up one morning to find your lawn mower sporting a bow on the front porch call us at Olympic Lawn and Landscape. We mow and trim your yard so that it’s clean and crisp. Our professional mowers take time to mow in straight lines and attractive patterns. We understand how to mow grass to encourage healthy grass growth. In short, we know grass!

How to Sharpen Your Mower’s Blade for a Clean Cut

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sharpen-lawn-mower-bladeDon’t put off sharpening your lawn mower’s blade any longer. A freshly sharpened blade keeps your mower maintained and your lawn healthy.

Take a few minutes to follow these 10 steps to sharpen your mower’s blade for a cleaner cut:

1. Disconnect the spark plug wire in order to prevent the lawn mower from accidentally starting.

2. Drain out all of the gas from the mower.

3. Tip the mower so its lying on it side. Clamp a piece of wood to the deck to keep the blade from moving.

4. Use a socket or wrench to remove the blade from the mower(If it’s too tight, spray on some lubricant.)

5. Place the blade in a vice to make sharpening easier.

6. Begin sharpening the blade by running a metal file along the edge. Keep the file at a 40 to 45 degree angle against the blade. (To be sure, check manufacturer information for the exact angle.)

7. Continue moving the file in short, smooth strokes in the direction of the cutting edge. Count the same number of strokes on each side of the blade to keep it balanced.

8. If there is extensive damage to the blade, use a bench grinder to sharpen the blade. Move the blade in a back and forth motion against the wheel of the grinder.

9. Use a balancer to ensure the balance of the blade. If you don’t own a balancer, place the blade on a wooden dowel to see if it lies flat. If it tilts, file the side that doesn’t tilt up until it is able to lie flat.

10. Clean off old grass clippings under the mower before attaching the blade. Then, reinstall the blade carefully and securely.


For more information on lawn care and keeping your lawn healthy, contact your local experts at Olympic Lawn & Landscape today at 816-875-9296.

Lawn Mower Maintenance

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Spring is almost here, and that means it’s almost mowing season again! For some of us, we hate that three-letter word “mow,” and would rather hire a lawn mowing service.

But, for those of us who are into mowing our own yards, now’s the time to get the lawn mowers serviced and ready to go for the upcoming new season!

Depending on the type of lawn mower you use, it’s best to refer to the Owner’s Manual for a schedule of how to keep your mower in good shape. However, nearly all mowers can stand to have these three tasks done to them when it comes to service. Danny Lipford, an expert on home improvement, recommends these three steps for Lawn Mower Maintenance:

1. Change the Oil. Danny recommends that even if you don’t think the oil needs changed – change it anyway. Changing the oil will help clear out any of the dust and debris left over from last season.

2. Change the Spark Plug. This will ensure that your mower starts this season.

3. Clean the air filter. Some mowers even come with an accordion-like filter that needs to be replaced. If you’re filter-less, make sure to clear out any leftover debris from the past season(s.)

Danny also suggest ways to clean the mower blades, and ideas for different types of mowers. Click here to read all of his suggestions on lawn mower maintenance.

Four Steps to a Beautifully Mowed Yard

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Summer is almost here, which means the smell of grass clippings and nature’s freshest blooms is upon us. While some think of beaches, frozen drinks and patio parties when they think of summer, others think of landscaping and lawns. For homeowners looking for a way to make your yard stand out this summer, here are four mowing tips that will give you a beautiful summer lawn.

Mow your Grass Weekly

Mowing your grass every week will allow it to grow and fill out. Not only will it look better, but your grass will be healthier. The only times you want to avoid weekly lawn mowing is during extremely hot summer days, or weeks of drought. Mowing your grass too much during these seasons will cause it to turn brown and stunt its growth.

If you are unable to make the commitment to mowing your lawn weekly, or if you manage a commercial property that needs weekly mowing, contact us about our Lawn Mowing Services in the Lee’s Summit and surrounding areas.

Mow in different directions and patterns

Each week when you mow your grass, mow in a different direction. If one week you mow in horizontal stripes, mow in vertical stripes the next week. By mowing your grass in different directions, your grass will grow straight and correctly. If you mow in the same direction each time, you run the risk of your grass leaning toward one side or the other, and the sunlight not evenly hitting each grain.

Trim and Edge your Lawn

To get the best-looking, most polished lawn, trim your lawn before you mow. Your mower can get any areas that you may have missed. Use a string trimmer to get tall grass and weeds around areas like your fence, trees, air conditioner, landscape curbing and more.

Treat your Lawn

Especially when caring for yards in the Kansas City area, it’s important to treat your lawn. This will give you the best yard possible. Treating your lawn with turf applications will help keep out weeds and keep the grass green and plush.

Olympic Lawn & Landscape offers a 6-step lawn application program to our mowing clients.

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