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How to Get Your Lawn Ready for Winter

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Autumn is here, and that means winter is well on its way. Once the cold weather hits and stays, your plants will lie dormant until the next growing season. Is your yard ready? Maybe you’re unsure of how to prepare, or maybe you just need some new pointers or a refresher. In any case, these tips will help you achieve optimal botanical success for next spring. Here they are:Grass Covered With Hoarfrost

Keep It Clean-Cut

Keep your grass blades about 2 1/2 inches high. Mice and moles love long grass under the snow, so letting your lawn grow isn’t the best idea to keep critters out of your yard.

Don’t let leaves pile up on your lawn. Leaves block the sunlight your grass needs to be healthy. (For those of you who hate to rake, a mower with a mulch setting and bag attachment makes things much easier.)

To Make It Look Great, Aerate

Aerating your lawn lets water and nutrients get to the grass’ roots. You can rent an aerator from most home stores, and you really only need it for about half a day depending on the size of your yard.

Apply New Seed

Fall is a great time to seed your lawn so it grows in thick and resists weeds. Use a rotary spreader and apply the seed as recommended. After you seed your lawn, give it some water to make sure the seeds start off well.

Fertilize Your Yard

Autumn is the perfect time to fertilize your lawn. (Late fall, around Halloween is the optimal time for applying fertilizer.) Your lawn will get the pre-winter boost it needs to get ready for the cold, and help it for when warm weather returns.

The above tips will help your yard get ready for the cold weather ahead. For more information on winterizing your yard, call Olympic Lawn and Landscape at (816) 875-9645 today.


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How to Repair Bald Spots: Rogaine for Your Lawn

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Imagine your perfect lawn. It might have sculpted and pruned landscaping, maybe a it includes a fountain, or maybe you just want a replica of the field at Kauffman Stadium. No matter what your dream lawn looks like in your mind, there’s one thing it definitely does not have: bare spots. Your ideal lawn is lush and green, and it’s something you may actually want to watch grass grow on. Green And Dry Grass,patterned Field Of Green Grass Sports Field

If your actual lawn does have bare spots, you’re in luck. Olympic Lawn and Landscape is here with tips to make your yard look as much like your dream lawn as possible. Pitcher’s mound not included.

1. Identify the problem.

Brown spots can result from mold, fungus or insect damage. If you identify the problem you’ll be able to specialize and target the correct treatment. If your problem is minor, your local lawn and garden center will have the supplies you need. If you’ve got a major problem, you may have to completely remove the damaged areas to repair them.

2. Prepare the area.

If you need to plant new grass or apply sod, you’ll need to dig out the damaged area about four inches deep. Then fill the area with nutrient-rich top soil. You’ll want the soil to be loose, but void of air pockets. When you water the soil, it will naturally compact, and you can also add more soil.

3. Choose your weapon.

The best weapon to fight against bald spots is more grass in the area. You can install sod or plant new grass seed. Either method is great, but they do have their own advantages and disadvantages. Sod is instant and doesn’t require much care other than watering. Planting seeds requires a little TLC daily until the root system is firmly intact.

You deserve your dream lawn, and bald spots should not be an obstacle. No matter how you choose to get rid of bald spots on your lawn, Olympic Lawn and Landscape can help you every step of the way. Call our expert team at (816) 875-9296 today.

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Low Maintenance Landscaping Tips

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For people who love to get out in the yard for a little landscaping therapy, tilling the ground, planting flowers, mowing or even weeding provides a sense of calm for the mind and some physical activity for the body. For those who don’t love yard work, or are too busy or otherwise unable to handle landscape maintenance chores, we’ve put together a list of tips to cut the time and energy you spend working on your lawn and landscaping. (Even those people who love a little yard work can benefit from these.)Mowing or cutting the long grass with a green lawn mower in the

How to Lower Your Lawn Maintenance Time and Energy

Arranging Plants and Other Materials

  • Use an edging material to keep your grass and plants growing where you want them to grow, and not where you don’t.
  • Use paving or stepping stones for walking paths. Your mailman or the pizza delivery guy won’t necessarily take the time and effort to tiptoe through your garden like a ballerina.
  • Add a 2-3″ layer of mulch to control weeds and reduce watering.

Preparing Your Planting Beds

  • Be sure to address any drainage or erosion issues before planting.
  • Remove or kill weeds and grass before you plant.
  • While tilling the soil may not be completely necessary, few plants will grow under compacted soil.

Proper Plant Selection

  • Use plants that grow to the size you want them to at maturation. Doing so will eliminate the need for constant sheering.
  • Consider using trees that don’t drop fruit and also have small leaves so you don’t have to clean up after them all the time.
  • Reduce the number of annual plants needed. By reducing annuals, you eliminate the need for re-planting every year.

Always Be Prepared

The number one tip for reducing landscaping maintenance we can give is to have a plan. Whether your plan is a professional one or something you come up with on your own, you can eliminate redundant work. By setting a proper sequence you’ll avoid problems in the future.

Olympic Lawn and Landscaping is proud to offer quality lawn and landscaping services to the Kansas City area. For more information about reducing the time you spend doing yard work, or for help with a professional plan of action, call us at (816) 875-9296 today.

Restoring Dead Spots in the Lawn

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restore-your-lawn-grass-seedUnfortunately, dead spots are going to happen. You may spend all season long taking great of your lawn but are still unable to avoid the occasional dead spots that are going to ruin your efforts.

The problem with restoring these areas may be that the dead grass isn’t decaying fast enough for your grass to grow back naturally. Below are some steps you can take to restore those areas of your lawn.

First, with the help of a rake or perhaps a shovel, remove the dead grass as much as possible. When doing so, only remove the top part of the soil and avoid digging too deep in order to reuse the soil. Go ahead and dispose that dead grass.

Next, spread grass seed across the area. If you’re unsure of the type of grass in your lawn, you can typically take a sample of the grass to your local hardware store where it can be matched. It may also be helpful to purchase dirt if the area is large.

Sprinkle the area with the seed thoroughly on the formerly dead area. If the area is no larger than 6 inches, feel free to sprinkle the seed until you can no longer see the dirt.

Next, spread the dirt evenly across the top, but not too thick. About half an inch of dirt will be plenty. Once this is done, it’s time to water the grass. Don’t overdo it so that the dirt and seeds are washed away, but be sure the area gets plenty of water.

Depending on the end-of-summer climate, I recommend you water the area twice each day. If the area does not completely dry in between, then only water the areas once each day.

Be sure to keep away that will damage the growth of the new grass such as lawn furniture or pets. After a few weeks you should be able to notice some green sprouts on your lawn.

For more information about restoring dead spots in your lawn or maintaining its beauty, contact your local experts at Olympic Lawn and Landscape at 816-875-9296.

Secrets to a Perfect Lawn

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perfect-lawn-secretsA perfect lawn is one that meets the owner’s aesthetic value and style at the same time conforming to the environmental requirements of the user. However, establishing or maintaining a perfect lawn that serves best your purpose requires you to perform various tasks. Those who have been able to keep beautiful lawns especially in golf courses attribute their success to adhering to the secrets behind a perfect lawn which include:


Mowing the lawn

Frequent cutting of your grass makes it grow thick and hence leaving no space for weeds to grow. However, cutting the grass in a lawn too short is likely to raise the maintenance costs as it requires more water and herbicides. The mowing height depends on the species of grass used, although we generally recommend cutting a third of the height of the grass. Consider the following facts when undertaking this task on the lawn:

· The blades of the mower used should be sharp enough to prevent grass from damage caused by blunt blades which makes it vulnerable to diseases

· Mowing during wet seasons is likely to reduce soil aeration and make the roots unable to breath which could lead to dead patches in the lawn

Irrigating the lawn

One of the common problems that occur with a majority of homeowners is over watering the lawn.

This promotes development of weak shallow roots and of course, wastes a lot of water. A sprinkler works best for people who have no in-ground system of irrigation and this activity should be conducted in a controlled manner. Watering should be done early in the morning, as carrying out this task at night may encourage the buildup of diseases.

Fertilizer application

Distribute the fertilizer on the grass evenly to promote uniform growth using hand held fertilizer spreader for your lawn. The organic fertilizers tend to work slowly as they take more time to break down and dissolve in the soil. The synthetic fertilizer is more effective and in most cases costs less as compared to the natural one. The choice on the type to use is dependent on the users’ preference, though they should stick to the type that they first use as mixing the natural and synthetic fertilizers gives impacts negatively on your lawn.

Pest control

Growing thick grass on your land is the ultimate control method for both weeds and pests. Herbicides are usually applicable when other methods have failed and they can be used to control weeds and even prevent their seeds from germinating.

For more information about lawn care or the best way to maintain your landscape, contact Olympic Lawn & Landscape today at 816-875-9296.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

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Everyone knows that basic lawn maintenance includes watering your grass, keeping a consistent mowing schedule, and fighting off weeds. What you might not realize is that aeration is also a key step to ensure the health and quality of your lawn.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is the process of perforating holes into a lawn to encourage growth. There is an array of tools that can be used in aeration, from Kansas City | Benefits of Lawn Aerationpitchforks to lawn aerator shoes to gas-powered aeration machines. Moist lawns are best-suited for aeration, as the damp soil is easier for the spikes to perforate.

The goal of aeration is to loosen compacted soil and help fertilizers, seedlings, and water settle into your lawn.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Reducing Soil Compaction & Increasing Plant Health

Even if you encourage your kids to use your sidewalks and garden paths, chances are your lawn has been walked on before. And all that mowing you do to maintain your lawn’s appearance and avoid glares from your neighbors? Combined with foot traffic, the weight of your lawnmower can cause the soil in your lawn to compact.

Compacted soil contains less air-filled pore spaces, which plants depend on to supply their roots with oxygen. Root expansion is inhibited, natural water filtration systems are thrown off balance, and nutrient uptake is slowed.

Lawn aeration can help reverse the negative effects of ground compaction by creating holes that funnel air into the soil and make compacted soil become loose again. The air can reach the plants once more, allowing roots to flourish and improving your lawn’s overall health.

Root Expansion & Helpful Microorganisms

Once more air can reach plants’ roots due to lawn aeration, the roots can expand and allow microorganisms in the soil to do their job. Microorganisms are a vital part of soil health, as they release key nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and iron into the soil. They also increase soil fertility by breaking down organic matter found in soil so plants can use it, suppress pesticides and harmful chemicals, and prevent disease-causing pathogens from wreaking havoc on plants.

Rain, Groundwater & Runoff

After lawn aeration, water from rainfall or your irrigation system can soak deeper in the soil and replenish the groundwater in your area. According to the National Groundwater Association, the United States uses 79.6 billion gallons of fresh groundwater per day for public and private supply, soil irrigation, farm use, manufacturing, and power. You might use it in your own home for drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning.

Lawn aeration also mitigates runoff from pesticides, fertilizer, stormwater, and greywater, which is water discharged from sinks, showers, and bathtubs. Chemical runoff can contaminate water supplies, while runoff of stormwater and greywater contribute to erosion and flooding.

Add Lawn Aeration to Your Lawncare Regimen

Undoing soil compaction, increasing plant health, replenishing groundwater, preventing dangerous water runoff–the benefits of lawn aeration are plentiful! Consider adding lawn aeration to your lawncare maintenance. Contact a local lawncare expert (like Olympic Lawn & Landscape, Inc. if you live in the Kansas City area) to discuss lawn aeration for your property. We’d be happy to answer your questions–just call (816) 875-9296!

Why Should You Get Your Lawn Mowed Regularly?

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With the warmer weather, things are really starting to grow. That’s certainly true for lawns. Mowing is an essential part of keeping any lawn healthy. However, most people don’t understand just how important it is. For some homeowners, hiring a lawn mowing service is the answer to achieving all the benefits that come from regular maintenance.

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How to Recover Your Lawn from Heavy Snowfall

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We’ve gotten a lot of snow this year and had a very long winter. If you’re like me, you’re nervous to see what your lawn will look like after all this snow melts away. The not-so-green acres below with mud and dead patches are going to need some attention.

snow in grass Making your lawn thick and lush can be a constant struggle. Luckily, your lawn has likely gone dormant. As the heavy snow load recedes, you may notice the toll it has taken. The snow piles along your driveway and near the street has compacted the soil. To loosen the soil and improve water penetration, apply gypsum to those areas along the street and driveway to 10 ft. back.

When it comes time to mow this spring, only cut the top third of the grass. Mowing more than this can stress the grass so set your mower accordingly each time. Once your lawn has recovered, it can be cut shorter in late summer and fall.

You’re also going to want to water properly. It’s necessary to water your lawn and landscape to not add to any damage but to help replenish. You may feel like you’re using too much, but you need the water to go deep down to the roots. On any especially warm days this spring, be sure to water away and set up sprinklers. Watering in winter will help your lawn be green and growing as the soil warms up this spring.

For any questions about recovering your lawn from snow damages, contact Olympic Lawn & Landscape. Our professionals have the equipment necessary for any job. Call today and ask about our 10% off special.

Spring Lawn Care Special

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With spring weather and April showers on the horizon, it’s time to kick-start your lawn’s improvement. Through March and April, Olympic Lawn and Landscape is offering a special on our spring lawn maintenance package. This offer includes:

-Aerating your lawn to allow rain and watering to get to the roots where they are needed. Aerating will also loosen the compact of the soil and let in nutrients and oxygen for healthy growth.
-Verticutting will be done in preparation for seeding. We will place vertical lines in the top of the soil for maximum effects of over-seeding.
-Over-seeding your lawn will then be done to your existing turf in order for it to thicken.
-After new grass seed has been applied, we will spread starter fertilizer thoroughly throughout your lawn. This will help with the germination process of the new seed.

spring lawn careThis process will eliminate weeks of work and give your lawn a nice green look. Not only will your lawn look great, it will have healthy roots leading to a healthy-looking lawn for months.

Give us a call today to set up your spring lawn maintenance and mention this special.

To do all four: aerating, verticutting, over-seeding, and laying starting fertilizer, the price is as low as $370 for a lawn up to 12,000 sq. feet.

Don’t miss out on this special through April and contact Olympic Lawn and Landscape today!

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