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How to Get Your Lawn Ready for Winter

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Autumn is here, and that means winter is well on its way. Once the cold weather hits and stays, your plants will lie dormant until the next growing season. Is your yard ready? Maybe you’re unsure of how to prepare, or maybe you just need some new pointers or a refresher. In any case, these tips will help you achieve optimal botanical success for next spring. Here they are:Grass Covered With Hoarfrost

Keep It Clean-Cut

Keep your grass blades about 2 1/2 inches high. Mice and moles love long grass under the snow, so letting your lawn grow isn’t the best idea to keep critters out of your yard.

Don’t let leaves pile up on your lawn. Leaves block the sunlight your grass needs to be healthy. (For those of you who hate to rake, a mower with a mulch setting and bag attachment makes things much easier.)

To Make It Look Great, Aerate

Aerating your lawn lets water and nutrients get to the grass’ roots. You can rent an aerator from most home stores, and you really only need it for about half a day depending on the size of your yard.

Apply New Seed

Fall is a great time to seed your lawn so it grows in thick and resists weeds. Use a rotary spreader and apply the seed as recommended. After you seed your lawn, give it some water to make sure the seeds start off well.

Fertilize Your Yard

Autumn is the perfect time to fertilize your lawn. (Late fall, around Halloween is the optimal time for applying fertilizer.) Your lawn will get the pre-winter boost it needs to get ready for the cold, and help it for when warm weather returns.

The above tips will help your yard get ready for the cold weather ahead. For more information on winterizing your yard, call Olympic Lawn and Landscape at (816) 875-9645 today.


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How to Repair Bald Spots: Rogaine for Your Lawn

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Imagine your perfect lawn. It might have sculpted and pruned landscaping, maybe a it includes a fountain, or maybe you just want a replica of the field at Kauffman Stadium. No matter what your dream lawn looks like in your mind, there’s one thing it definitely does not have: bare spots. Your ideal lawn is lush and green, and it’s something you may actually want to watch grass grow on. Green And Dry Grass,patterned Field Of Green Grass Sports Field

If your actual lawn does have bare spots, you’re in luck. Olympic Lawn and Landscape is here with tips to make your yard look as much like your dream lawn as possible. Pitcher’s mound not included.

1. Identify the problem.

Brown spots can result from mold, fungus or insect damage. If you identify the problem you’ll be able to specialize and target the correct treatment. If your problem is minor, your local lawn and garden center will have the supplies you need. If you’ve got a major problem, you may have to completely remove the damaged areas to repair them.

2. Prepare the area.

If you need to plant new grass or apply sod, you’ll need to dig out the damaged area about four inches deep. Then fill the area with nutrient-rich top soil. You’ll want the soil to be loose, but void of air pockets. When you water the soil, it will naturally compact, and you can also add more soil.

3. Choose your weapon.

The best weapon to fight against bald spots is more grass in the area. You can install sod or plant new grass seed. Either method is great, but they do have their own advantages and disadvantages. Sod is instant and doesn’t require much care other than watering. Planting seeds requires a little TLC daily until the root system is firmly intact.

You deserve your dream lawn, and bald spots should not be an obstacle. No matter how you choose to get rid of bald spots on your lawn, Olympic Lawn and Landscape can help you every step of the way. Call our expert team at (816) 875-9296 today.

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How to Make Your Lawn Look Like a Golf Course

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August is Golf Month, and with good reason: golf is fun, many business deals go down on the golf course, and golf courses are some of the lushest, most beautiful places in the world. We love golf at Olympic Lawn and Landscape, and we figured the best way to celebrate Golf Month is to give you some tips to make your lawn look like a golf course. Here they are:Your lawn can look just like a golf course with special care and the right tools.

Choose the Right Grass

Zoysiagrass or Bermudagrass are perfect for home lawns. They can withstand hot summer temperatures and also tolerate cold in the winter — which is perfect for our four seasons.

The Right Tools for the Job

A reel mower is the best type of mower for golf course quality turf. Reel mowers use reels and bed-knives to cut grass like a pair of scissors, unlike a rotary blade that cuts grass like a fan blade. Furthermore, installing a landscape weed barrier can keep unwanted vegetation from impeding on your beautiful grass.

The Biggest Mistake Is Cutting too Short

Keeping your lawn cut to 1 to 2 inches keeps the turf healthy and full. Don’t remove more than a third of the blades of grass when you mow. That way you aren’t taking too much of the leaf tissue off. Mowing your lawn at least once a week during the growing season ensures that you don’t kill the grass.

Too Much Water Is Bad for Your Lawn

Over-watering your lawn is easy to do — especially when you have an irrigation system. Watering deeply and infrequently as opposed to often and lightly is much better for your lawn. With less frequent watering, your grass has to search for water by growing its roots deeper creating a healthy root system.

Making your lawn look like a golf course may be easier than you think. Following the above tips is a great start. For more information on how you can create a lush, green lawn, call Olympic Lawn and Landscape at (816) 875-9296 today.



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How to Save Money on Lawn Care

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People are always looking for ways to save money, especially in the middle of summer when people want to take vacations and cooling costs are sky-high. The last thing you want to spend extra money on is keeping your lawn lush and green when you’d rather be planning the perfect backyard barbecue and having fun in the sun. Your yard can be your rest and relaxation destination if you follow these simple tips to save time and money.Spreader

Seed Your Lawn

While it may seem redundant to seed your lawn when grass is already growing, it is possible that the species of grass is prone to disease and may be more dependent on water. Also, re-seeding can mean an end to any bald or brown spots in your yard.

Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating a lawn may sound difficult and intimidating, but it’s actually fairly easy and it’s a huge benefit to the grass. Rent a commercial-grade aerator and follow the instructions. Your grass will grow greener and healthier. The process helps water reach the roots and you waste less water while your yard gets its necessary nutrients.

Mow Shorter Mo’ Problems

Many people believe that cutting grass as short as possible will mean mowing it less often and having a healthier yard with fewer weeds. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, the truth is that the shorter you cut your lawn, the more problems you’ll have. Taller grass needs less water and grows in thicker, which suffocates weeds. Taller grass shields the root system, which allows for water to soak deeper into the ground. Also, cutting your grass super short won’t mean that you have to mow less often. Grass grows at the same rate no matter what its length.

If you follow the above tips, your lawn will be green, and you will save green. To learn more about how you can save time and money on lawn care, call Olympic Lawn and Landscape at (816) 875-9296.

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Lawn Care Fun Facts

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Your lawn is meant to be a place of fun and enjoyment for you and your family. You put so much work into the place that can be host to the greatest summertime barbecue or the place where the next Nolan Ryan learns how to throw a curve ball. Lawns have earned their place in history as gathering grounds for the masses. If you are lucky enough to live in a place that has a lawn, you know the many benefits that comes with it. But you may not know that the average American lawn is one fifth of an acre, or that 85 million homes in the US have private lawns. We’ve put together a list of our favorite fun facts about lawns. Here they are:Mowing The Lawn

Wide Open Spaces

The United States has approximately 50 million acres of grass. And 21 million of those acres are in out front and back yards.

Lawns Help You Breathe Easier

Lawns are extremely efficient producers of oxygen. Trees are three times less effective. Lawns’ oxygen-producing season is much longer than trees, too. A small lawn, roughly 50 square feet by 50 square feet produces enough oxygen per day to keep a family of four breathing. Lawns also absorb toxins like carbon dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and ozone.

Professional Help for Your Lawn

A 2010 National Gardening Association Survey revealed that 22 million homeowners rely on professional lawn care and landscaping services to keep their lawns beautiful.

It Takes Time to Do It the Right Way

The average homeowner spends about four hours a week on lawn care. Depending on where you live that means 150 hours a year in cooler climates to 208 hours a year in warmer climates. And if those numbers are broken down into days, that means homeowners spend anywhere from five to eight and a half days per year caring for their lawns.

We hope these facts are just as fun and interesting to you as they are to us. At Olympic Lawn and Landscape, we are as passionate about customer satisfaction as we are about lawn care. Call us at (816) 875-9296 to learn more about our expert lawn and landscape services.

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Why Should I Have a Healthy Lawn?

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Healthy lawns are lush, green and cool. They make you want to take your shoes off and walk around barefoot on them. Healthy lawns are spaces where you’ll want to play catch with your son or daughter and watch the neighborhood 4th of July fireworks display in your street. When your lawn is well-taken care of, it shows that you take pride in your home and your community.Dead Lawn

If you neglect your lawn, weeds can take over the soft, green grass. Disease or insects can damage your grass and cause it to become thin and bare spots will form.

Don’t take your lawn’s health for granted.

If your lawn is unhealthy, you’re missing out on a feeling of pride that can come with a beautiful, green yard for you and your family to enjoy. You’re also missing out on environmental benefits of a healthy lawn. Here are some fun facts about healthy lawns and their environmental impact:

  • Grass cools surrounding areas. Fifty percent of heat striking a turf area is eliminated by transpiration, a process in which plants cool themselves.
  • Turfgrass acts like a water filter and helps clean urban and suburban environments.
  • Healthy lawns prevent water runoff and facilitates beneficial organism–like earthworm and useful insect–growth.
  • Lawns assist your HVAC system in filtering air. They collect dust and dirt at an average rate of 12 million tons per year in the U.S.
  • Lawns pull in greenhouse gases as they grow and reduce the carbon dioxide produced by fossil fuel burning.

Having a healthy lawn is more than just pleasant to look at. Your yard can be a fun place to enjoy with your family and friends, and it can also make your environment and yourself healthier.

Olympic Lawn and Landscape offers quality lawn care service so you can reap the many benefits of having a healthy lawn. To learn more, call us at (816) 875-9296.

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50 Shades of Green: Choosing the Right Grass for Your Lawn

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Midwesterners, listen up! Choosing the right grass for your lawn is an important task. In fact, with a little explanation, you, too, will possess the knowledge to select the perfect grass for your front and back lawn.Grass On White Background

Here’s what you need to consider:

• Ornamental grasses add color, texture, and movement to traditional lawns. All you have to do to keep them alive and thriving is to water them during drought and cut them back during spring. Ornamental grass varies in style making it easy to find one that suits you home and lawn.
• Consider buffalo grass. It’s a Midwest prairie native which needs full sun. It grows best in warm season but does handle the cold well. It takes a while for it to grow. The plus side is that it’s drought-tolerant.
• Bahia grass is good for infertile soil. If you find that grass doesn’t grow easily in your yard, try this variety and see how it does. It needs full sun to grow. When it does, it’s course but thick.
• Zoysia grass loves sun and shade. Although it’s slow growing, it tolerates traffic well and produces a lush carpet. The most drought-resistant varieties are El Toro, Empire, Jamur, and Palisades.

Knowing what zone you’re in and what types of grass grow best in your region helps a lot. Also having an idea of how to care for and maintain the grass you do grow makes a world of difference as to how good your lawn looks.

Choose the best type of grass for your geographic location. Keep in mind your options and hire a trusted lawn care service to keep things looking great throughout the year. A little extra help significantly improves the appearance of your home and lawn for the better.

Ready to learn more about our lawn care services? Call (816) 875-9296 or contact an Expert.

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Should I Mow My Lawn When It’s Wet?

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Conventional wisdom suggests that it’s best to mow the lawn when the grass is dry. However, it isn’t always convenient to wait for the turf to completely dry before cutting it. For instance, a brief dry period in a series of days that is predicted to be wet may be your last chance to tame your lawn. Will it be destroyed because you had to mow it when it was wet?Green grass with raindrops background

Cutting Wet Grass Is Possible

While it is less than ideal to mow a lawn when it’s damp, it is possible to get the job done. The clippings are likely to clump together, causing a mess on your turf and clogging the underside of your mower. This just means that you’ll have to rake up the clippings and perhaps pause occasionally to hose off the motor and undercarriage of your grass cutter so it can continue to function. Also, use extra caution. Wet grass is slippery, and it can be easy to lose your footing.

When you mow a wet lawn you’re not going to get the same kind of uniform, attractive results that you would get when mowing dry grass. Sometimes the grass blades are bent over with the weight of the precipitation. This means you won’t be able to achieve the cleanest cut. The end result is that your lawn may look ragged.

Tips to Help You Mow a Wet Lawn

If it’s necessary to mow a wet lawn, there are some things you can do to improve your odds of success. Start with very sharp mower blades, and be sure to adjust them to their highest cutting point. If your cutter has a mulching feeder, now is a good time to turn it off. Similarly, a bag attachment will be of little use. Try blowing the clippings out the side as you mow. You’ll want to move slower around the lawn than you typically do, which will ensure a better cut.

For more lawn mowing tips, call (816) 875-9296 or contact an Expert.

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The Right Way to Mow Your Lawn

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A beautiful lawn never happens by accident. Mowing is one of the most critical factors to having healthy, thriving turf. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t know that there are tried-and-true techniques to lawn mowing that can help make your grass the greenest in your neighborhood. Of course, we recommend that you hire us for all of your mowing and grass maintenance needs. However, if you are determined to do it yourself, here are some useful lawn mowing hints.Young man - only legs to be seen - is mowing the lawn in summer

Mow Frequently

Most people don’t enjoy mowing. In fact, lawn mowing is generally regarded as a disagreeable chore, so why would you want to do it more often? Science has shown that healthier grass can be achieved through more frequent mowing in which no more than one third of the height is trimmed away. This makes it easier for the blades to continue to photosynthesize. Lawn mowing should happen at least once a week and mowing once every four or five days is ideal.

Make a New Pattern

There is no benefit to mowing your turf in the same pattern week after week. The condition of your grass may improve if you try lawn mowing in a different pattern each time. This minimizes soil compaction and ensures that the grass blades don’t get worn out from repetitive mowing.

Let Clippings Lie

Conventional lawn mowing wisdom might suggest bagging those clippings, but think twice before you do so. Clippings actually act like fertilizer when left on the lawn, redistributing essential nutrients. If clumps or rows of clippings appear, use a rake to spread them around.

Sharpening Mower Blades

A sharp blade makes a cleaner, more efficient cut. That’s better for the health of the grass and also makes getting the lawn mowing done much quicker.

Consider Hiring a Professional

Lawn mowing and maintenance truly is an art. If you want the best looking yard in your neighborhood, you might benefit from hiring a professional to do the heavy lifting.

Ready to learn about our expert lawn mowing services? Call (816) 875-9296 or contact an Expert.

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