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Cheap Landscape Curbing’s Biggest Enemies

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We’ve all been there – its tempting to give into the cheap landscape curbing that’s calling your name. Its all curled up, so nice and tight, sitting on the shelf like a good little piece of coiled black plastic. Especially with it’s darling little price tag hanging from the shelf. It doesn’t want you to know that once you cut those zip ties, it just goes down from there. Once you manage to wrangle it into some sort of manageable form and get it lined up in your yard, there’s no guarantee that it will last. And that cute little price tag becomes a glaring realization that all of those pennies just went down the drain. Especially when it gets near one of it’s biggest enemies like:

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Belgium Block Curbing vs. Other Landscape Curbing

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This year we were excited to introduce Belgium Block to our landscape curbing options. Because you may not know what makes this product so unique, we’ve compared Belgium Block to other types of landscape curbing.

Benefits of Custom Landscape Curbing 

Custom Landscape Curbing can not only add a very distinct detail to your home or business’ landscape, but also provide an effective root barrier for your grass or sod. Curbing also helps to reduce time spent on edging and trimming your lawn. We also confident that this will not only enhance the look of your property, but also increase its value.

How is Belgium Block Curbing Different?landscape curbing

What makes our Belgium Block curbing great is its mixture of colors. With this custom curbing, up to 6 colors can be mixed to complete the perfect stone look to match your exterior. Our Belgium Block curbing also offers much more texture that creates a very natural stone look. Other landscape curbing designs will only provide a very flat and solid color.

Further benefits of custom curbing used for landscape edging include:

-Edging preserves gardens and flowers, creating a barrier to keep out weeds and unwanted grass.

-Edging also preserves and shapes mulch or rock around trees and other landscape.

-Landscape edging helps retain water to keep soil healthy and help plants and trees hold moisture longer.

At Olympic Lawn & Landscape, we look forward to finding the perfect match for your custom landscape curbing. Call today about our Belgium Block Curbing and our 10% off special through May 1st! 816-875-9296


The Hidden Savings of Landscaping Edging

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Not only does landscape edging provide a polished and sophisticated look, but it also comes with several hidden savings as well! By using landscaping edging around your trees, walkways, flower beds, gardens and more – not only will your yard stand out, but you’ll be finding hidden savings along the way!

Landscaping Edging Saves you Money

By using well-made curbing materials to edge your flower beds and landscaping projects, rock and mulch will stay-put. Without a sturdy material separating the beds from the grass, costly filler materials will often get lost in the grass, or worn down, and need to be replaced. By using landscaping edging, your rock and/or mulch stays put, and saves you money from having to replace it year after year.

Landscaping Edging Saves your Back

If you ever meet someone who LIKES pulling weeds, run. They are crazy! Weeding is not always the most fun job, and especially when weeds have crawled into the flower and garden beds. It’s often hard on your back, knees, and other achy joints. By using custom curbing for landscape edging, you’ll create a strong barrier that will kill the roots of weeds and other invaders that try to get into your beautiful plant beds, preventing you from the hard manual labor of weeding your flower beds.

Landscaping Edging Saves your Soil

The barrier created by landscaping edging will also save your soil. As it snows and rains, moisture will collect and stay in the soil thanks to the strong wall created by stone edging. Edging will irrigate the flowers and plants that are growing, thus improving the health of your soil, and requiring less watering.

Improving your homes curb appeal

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As any homeowner who’s recently bought or sold a house knows, curb appeal is key. Whether or not you’re planning on staying in your house for awhile, or looking to sell, an impressive landscaping project is always a great way to improve the outward appearance of your home. Not only does nice landscaping impress your friends and neighbors, but it has multiple benefits for the health and maintenance of your yard, gardens and flower beds.If you’re like many and have no idea where to start when it comes to landscaping, we can help! Here are a few tips for those interested in increasing their home’s curb appeal through landscaping projects:

Landscaping Tip #1 – Look into Curb Lighting

Often times your home will be viewed by many who are driving or walking by in the evening hours. By adding outdoor lights, you can emphasize your plants and walkways, while increasing safety at the same time. Curb lighting especially sets an intimate and friendly mood, and shows that your home is welcoming and cared for.

Landscaping Tip #2 – Add Edging to your Landscaping Beds

One of the best ways to add the “awe” factor to your home, and increase your curb appeal, is to add landscaping edging around your home. By using colored stones and curbing materials to outline your flowerbeds, trees and walkways, your home will go from “kind of cute” to “impressive and elegant.” Landscaping edging is one of the best ways to make your outdoor projects “pop” – while offering great benefits to your yard and flower beds, too.

Landscaping Tip #3 – Mow and Edge your Grass

Simple right? While this seems like a no-brainer, we thought we’d mention the importance of caring for your yard when it comes to curb appeal. A yard that is weed-free and nicely manicured will be much more appealing than one that has been ignored and not attended to. If you’re not really into caring for your yard, you’re in luck. We offer affordable lawn maintenance services to help keep your yard, and thus your overall home’s appearance, looking good.

Landscaping Tip #4 – Beautify with Plants, Walkways, Trees and More

Just as any gal likes getting cut flowers to add beauty to her home, plants can have the same impact when used outdoors. By planting trees, bushes, and flowering plants, you can soften the appearance and friendliness of your home. In addition, walkways and landscaping stones can also add a warming and comfortable feeling.

Landscaping Trends for 2011

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Rather than spending time and resources on beautification alone, a growing trend is to landscape and garden with a purpose. Choosing to landscape for weed control, for example, will not only enhance your yard’s beauty, but serve a dual-purpose. The same goes for using curb lighting to increase safety, or landscape edging to keep the soil hydrated.

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What is Curb Appeal?

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Curb appeal – you’ve heard of it, but you’re not exactly sure what it is. Flowers by your front door? Landscaping edging around your trees? You know it’s about making your home pretty, but not exactly sure what all it involves.  Lets try and simplify things for you.

What is Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal (other than the popular TV show) is simply the attractiveness of your home from the outdoors. Curb appeal is especially important if you’re trying to sell your home. As potential buyers drive by your house, it needs to look like it’s been maintained well. It needs to be “cute” and inviting. Good curb appeal will get a lot of attention – both from buyers and non-buyers. Even if you’re not looking to sell your home, a house with good curb appeal will have several cars driving by very slowly, trying to steal a glimpse at your attractive home.

Curb appeal can involved both your front and back yard. Maintaining your home, and your yard, is important when keeping up the outdoor living spaces of your home. Prospective buyers, and neighbors will enjoy your home more – and even be more likely to pay your asking price, when the home looks well-maintained and attractive from the outside.

How to Improve your Curb Appeal

If you’d like to improve your curb appeal, below are a few ideas. Even if you’re not putting your house up for sale this spring, improving your curb appeal will help you keep up your property value. Plus, everyone likes coming home to a cute house.

Paint and Wash Your House for Curb Appeal

As you begin increasing the beauty of your home, look at the paint job. Is the paint peeling or chipping? Is it a popular and in-style color? Make sure that your home has a great coat of paint on it, and that everything from the sides, shutters and trim is well-coated in a beautiful color of paint. If you don’t need a new coat of paint, make sure that the exterior is cleaned. Power wash your windows, porch, gutters and siding to get a fresh, clean look.

Treat Your Yard for Curb Appeal

While we know kids love dandelions and consider them beautiful flowers; unfortunately, home buyers do not. Make sure your yard is well-maintained, mowed, and free of weeds. Rid any pest problems you may have, and keep your yard in great shape.

Add Landscaping Edging and Curbing for Curb Appeal

Landscaping edging will improve your curb appeal. From walkways to garden paths, having edging around your front and back yard will make your home look more sophisticated. Edging has multiple benefits in addition to its cosmetic improvements such as weed control and irrigation.

Add Nighttime Curb Appeal

Remember that not everyone who drives by your home will be viewing it in daylight. You can add curb appeal to your home at night by installing curb lighting around your landscaping areas and driveway. Create a well-lit path to your front door, or even down the perimeter of your driveway skirt. A post light could also work, depending on the style of your home and layout.

Plant Flowers for Curb Appeal

Probably the most well-known way to improve curb appeal is planting flowers. Make sure to find seasonal flowers that will stay abloom all season long, and even into summer. From planting flowers in your flower beds to arranging gorgeous containers, make sure you have flowers and plants all around your home.

Get a Door Wreath for Curb Appeal

A final touch on improving your home appeal is adding a cute, seasonal wreath to your door. Several craft stores and department stores sell affordable wreaths. It’s inviting and friendly, and will definitely get your home some extra attention!

Landscape Curbing

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Custom landscape curbing adds great curb appeal and elegance to any lawn. Curbing is perfect for those who’re looking to accent a walkway or flower bed. Curbing is also a perfect way to make your yard stand out, and your landscaping exquisite.  You will have already heard of the benefits of curbing for curb appeal and it is also nice to enjoy the beauty of your yard for yourself.

Landscape Curbing for Lawn Edging

Curbing is often used when edging your lawn. Landscaping edging not only provides a physical barrier to separate your plant beds from your grass, but it also helps keep out grass and weeds from growing into your flower beds. Landscaping curbing that’s not only physically heavy, but colored to match your home’s exterior is a great solution for landscape edging around your walkways, garden beds and more. Check out our post about the hidden savings of landscaping edging.

Custom Colors of Landscape Curbing

Landscape curbing can be created in a variety of colors, shapes and patterns to match the home’s outdoor design. Colored dye is mixed into the concrete to give your preferred color or curbing. Color your curbing red to look like brick, or granite to match your shutters and accent colors.

Custom Curbing Shapes of Landscape Curbing

Not only can you color your curbing to match your exterior, but curbing comes in a variety of shapes, too. Create a landscaped edge around the perimeter of your home, or a circular border around a tree. A variety of landscape curbing shapes enable you to place landscape curbing just about anywhere, with the design and colors looking elegant and natural.

Landscape Designs of Landscape Curbing

Our curbing can be stamped and designed to look like any pattern. Not only can we make your curbing custom colored and shaped, but our stamped curbing designs also give homeowners the look they want. Create custom curbing to look like brick or stone – or even cobblestone or slate. Depending on where you choose to install custom curbing, you can pick the design that best matches your outdoor aesthetic.

Check out our photo gallery of custom landscape curbing projects.

How to Apply the Garden Effect

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Our last post talked about the “Garden Effect” and how landscaping can not only increase your home’s curb appeal, but your property values, too. Homeowners who landscaped their yards and took care of their grass experienced up to a $1.8 return on their investments. Don’t miss out on these type of returns. In the current economic climate landscaping your home is more important than ever.


Create an Outdoor Living Space to Improve your Landscaping

Landscaping Isn’t Optional Anymore

Long gone are the days where landscaping was a hobby, and optional around the house. With the Garden Effect in full swing, realtors and homeowners alike agree that a lawn must be cared for in order for the maximum property value to apply. For those who are trying to increase curb appeal and property values, consider adding professional landscaping to the “to do” list of household tasks to take care of this summer.

Ideas for Increasing your Property Value through Outdoor Landscaping

If you’re looking for a place to start landscaping, here is some advice as professional landscapers:

1. Pick one area and start small.

When you have it in your head that you want to landscape the yard, the task can be overwhelming and daunting, especially if you haven’t done anything and the yard is a “blank slate.” Pick one area, and start there. Improve the area around you porch and front walkway, or choose to get rid of the weeds in the back and install a nice bed for perennial flowers. Whatever you do, take it one step at a time. Contact us if you need help with landscape design ideas!

2. Consider Concrete Curbing

Concrete curbing is the latest landscaping material, and the best product on the market for landscape edging. Concrete curbing not only looks nice, but it lasts for years, especially if it’s resealed. Concrete curbing offers attractive lines and borders around your home, as well as several benefits for your plants such as weed control and soil aeration. Concrete curbing can be designed, shaped and colored to match your home, providing a perfect way to instantly increase the attractiveness of your landscape design.

3. Don’t Neglect your Lawn

Lawn maintenance and mowing is part of landscape and landscape design. Don’t neglect your yard when you’re in the process of improving your curb appeal. Make sure that it is mowed often, and mowed in different directions each time. Also make sure you are aerating and seeding your lawn and applying seasonal treatments so that weeds and grubs steer clear.

4. Consider an Outdoor Living Area

If you’ve ever watched HGTV’s House Hunters, you’ll notice how prospective buyer’s jaw’s drop when they walk onto a gorgeous deck and outdoor patio. Outdoor living spaces are not only great to have for a relaxing evening or backyard party – but they’re also a great way to increase property value and appeal toward your home. Outdoor living areas don’t have to cost a fortune, and there are also options for patio kits that you assemble by yourself.

These are just four easy ways to start increasing your property value through landscaping. Did we miss any? Let us know if you’re had experience with other landscaping ideas that proved a great ROI!

Caring for Your Landcape Curbing

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Landscape curbing is a great investment for your outdoor property values. It not only looks great, but it also has several benefits for your grass and flower bed areas. Having your curbing professionally landscaped only improves the level of return on your investment.


Reseal Landscape Curbing to Prevent Weather Deterioration

Taking Care of your Curbing

If you’ve had custom curbing installed, make sure to follow proper curb maintenance so that your landscape curbing is kept in perfect condition. Caring for your landscape curbing can be done by a few homeowners’ steps, as well as a few steps by the professional landscape installation technitians.

Keep your Landscape Curbing Looking Nice

While you’re at home, care for your curbing by rinsing off any dirt and grime that’s built up on the curbing. With our Kansas City seasons, often times leaves, dirt, rock salt and other debris can build up along our landcape curbing. Take a garden hose and rinse off the curbing to keep it looking nice. Other than rising off your curbing, the curbing material is maintenance-free! The only other step to care for your landscape curbing involves resealing.

Resealing your Curbing

Resealing your landscape edging should be done every two years. This will prevent weather deterioration, and help your curbing keep looking like new. Resealing your curbing is recommended by the curbing manufacturer, and should be done professionally. While there are resealing products that homeowners have access to purchase off the shelf, it’s cheaper an more effective to hire a professional landscaper to reseal your curbs.

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