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No beautiful landscape design magically happens overnight. Planning and preparation are key in making landscape design look like a masterpiece.  Even though the temperatures are currently dropping, now is the time to start outlining your ideal landscaping design for the spring.


Research Landscape Design Ideas

There are a hundred and one plus ways to design a lawn. The great thing about planning ahead is that you have a ton of time to research what you like and what you don’t like. There are several ways to do serious lawn research, you can even make it fun for your entire family!

Take a Drive around Kansas City to see Landscaping

Pick a Sunday afternoon this fall and go on a drive around your dream Kansas City neighborhood. While the houses you drive by may not be in your price range, the landscaping they have can be. Make notes on the houses that have the type of lawn you wish to attain. Even if the landscaping seems unrealistic, jot down a few notes, an experienced landscaper can help you design a landscape that fits your goals and your budget. Get the whole family involved by having everyone pick out a lawn they like.

Internet Research on Landscape Design

Take some time and do research on the Internet to find different styles and trends. Look for websites that tell what plants and flowers are best to grow in your area. Knowing what will grow in your climate is key in researching design ideas.

Outline Your Landscape Project

One of my favorite channels to watch is HGTV. That network always has great ideas on how to make your home and garden look amazing and also help you save money. Right now has a great article on creating a design plan for your garden. The article suggests that outlining accurate site plans for your garden and picking the right plants for your climate is critical in having a successful garden.

In the Lees Summit landscaping business I often work with people who are frustrated that their garden didn’t succeed. The number one reason I hear is that their was not enough research done before the planting began. And creating an outline can be one of the simplest steps to success after research has been done.

Now is the perfect time to walk around outside and make mock sketches of your yard. Dream a little! Think about colors, shapes and overall yard design and then get in touch with a landscaper that can make your dreams come true!

Book Now for your Spring Landscaping

Right now is the best time to consult a landscaping company. Many companies get booked for the spring in the fall. The great thing about booking now is that most companies will give you a free landscaping quote on the project you have outlined and they will also provide insight and tips on how to make it even better.

Booking now will also give you access to the best landscapers available in your area. If you chose a qualified landscaper they will be able to help create a landscape design that is low maintenance for you and that greatly increases your curb appeal.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure you get your landscaping done right and start planning and preparing now!


2012 Landscaping Trends

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Spring is just around the corner and lawn and garden magazines are sharing all the hype on the newest trends for 2012. From big colors on small plants to textured leaves, the 2012 landscaping trends are in and its officially time to start planning your perfect 2012 lawn now!

Better Homes and Gardens just released its Top Garden Trends for 2012, giving readers a chance to dream up some big plans. The great news is that most gardening trends are really easy to do yourself and very affordable if you are looking to hire a local landscaper. With a little planning and prep-work you will be on your way to a luscious lawn.

Less is More

One of the top trends in 2012 is utilizing your spaces wisely. To best accomplish this goal find smaller plants that bring big color to their space.

One way horticulturists are helping in this process is by introducing dwarf versions of popular plants. One such plant is the butterfly bush. This bush when purchased in the dwarf size allows you to add a lot of pop and color to a space without having to worry about it taking over the rest of the flower bed.

When you have a plant such as the dwarf butterfly bush you can create a scene of color that also attracts beautiful nature in a small space.


Along with adding some color to your lawn, try adding varying green plants with different textures, such as elephant ears. Texture is a big hit in 2012 because it is usually overlooked. But by adding in just a tad of texture to your color you can really make your garden grand! The curve of the leaves or wrinkles around the edges are sure to standout from the rest of your normal plants.

One of the best things about a textured plant is that it also lives longer than most of your other plants. Textured plants are durable and are a must in any garden this year!

Grill and Garden

One final big trend in 2012 is to liven up your outdoor patio with a taste of your garden. Use raised garden beds, potted plants and bird feeders to decorate the outskirts of your patio!

One of the biggest hits in the grill and garden trend is having a fire ring. Making the fire ring the center of your outdoor patio is a great way to add tremendous curb appeal to your backyard.

The perk to dressing up your patio goes along with the idea of small space landscaping. Small space landscaping is making a scene this year. Instead of making your entire lawn look uniform, small space landscaping allows you to break up your lawn into smaller segments. Decorating the patio, making a spot for the kids play area, or even creating a wild-life sanctuary in your back yard are all great ways to create small spaces.

So now that the trends are in, it is time for you to start making your plans. Think big and may your gardening dreams come true!


The Edible Landscape

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It’s officially a trend, more and more people are wanting to utilize their lawn not only for aesthetic design, but also to help save on the grocery bill. With the prices on produce rising, it is understandable that edible landscapes are on the up and up.

Why Mix It Up?

The Kansas City Star recently did a piece on edible landscapes and the earthy wave that is hitting the Midwest. The rational behind this movement carries a double benefit. Not only does taking fruits and veggies out of your garden and into your landscape add a new fresh design, it also allows you to save much needed cash. And finding the right produce to match the rest of your landscape is the key to edible success!

As a local landscaper, I know that landscaping in Kansas City can sometimes be tricky. With weather all over the map, it’s sometimes hard to find the right plants. But, the best way to make the edible landscape work is to just use what you would regularly put in your garden and move it to a different part of your lawn. No need to get extra fancy, a little rearranging can go a long way.

Mix and Match

Why keep your garden in your garden? Throw some color into your normal landscaping by using what you already have. If you want to add some vines to your landscaping try planting some pumpkin seeds. Want leafy greens, try mixing in cabbage or lettuce to a space that needs green texture. Need to plant a new tree, skip the oak and plant an apple or peach tree.

The Plan

Before you go out and buy all of this years seeds and starter plants make sure you have a well thought out plan. Draw up how you want it to look before you plant. Research in advance how each of the plants work together.

Also, be sure to think out the colors involved when using edible arrangements. Many fruits and veggies can also produce colorful leaves and even flowers. Mix in color and texture that goes along with your current landscaping. Planning ahead will save extra work later.

Yard Work Done Easy

When tending to a garden there is definitely regular maintenance involved. One perk about edible landscaping is that since you will already be tending to your produce, it will allow you a better opportunity to take care of the surrounding plants as well.


Watering, picking and pruning can be done across your entire lawn while you pick your produce. Instead of just tending to your garden, you are now tending to your entire landscape. Not only can you pick fresh produce, but you can also cut some fresh flowers to decorate the inside of your house too!


Another added benefit of edible landscaping is the reduction of insects attacking your produce. You can plant your produce around other plants that attract bugs that will kill the bugs that arrive on your fruits and veggies. Insects who feast on produce are also not as likely to damage as much produce when it is mixed in with other plants because it has to travel a lot farther to get to the next section of produce.

As winter begins to close and you make big spring landscaping plans, try adding in a little life and color to your landscaping. Catch the wave and join others across the country on saving money and increasing curb appeal through edible landscaping.


Top Spring Flowers of 2012

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March 20th marks the first day of spring and as the day approaches so does the time to add color and pizazz to your landscaping. Adding in the top spring flowers of 2012 will get the neighbors turning their heads towards your lawn.

Spring Planting

If you didn’t get around to planting your bulbs in the fall, have no fear, you can still produce great color in your landscaping by adding flowers that can be planted in early spring. From perennials to annuals, there are plenty of beautiful flowers that can be planted in just a few weeks.

Once the ground starts to become soft again, it will be the perfect time to start digging and planting the flowers of your dreams!

Best Spring Flowers

If you want your lawn to get some attention and curb appeal try adding some of the following beauties to your landscaping design this spring! These flowers are perfect for early spring planting.

Calla Lilies

The calla lily is a beautiful flower that takes minimal effort to maintain. Usually blooming in yellow, pink or white, these distinguished and elegant flowers will take your landscaping to the next level.


Gladiolus flowers

Gladiolus are also elegant flowers. This tall wonder takes up little space and produce bright colors. Try planting multiple gladiolus flowers three or four weeks in a row to have a staggered bloom in late spring and summer. Having a staggered bloom in various colors will definitely get the attention of people passing by.


Dahlias should be a standard for all gardens. These curvy pompom type flowers produce hardy blooms that with proper can last through the summer. Coming in multiple varieties of colors and shapes, this plant can make a home anywhere in your garden.



If you want to mix things up, try adding nerines to your garden. These festive plants are tall and thin but produce fun blooms. And when their blooms die, the leaves on the flower produce luscious greens. Plant in an area with color so that the green leaves can pop when the petals fall. These plants fully bloom closer to fall so planting them around color in the spring is ideal.


A little more maintenance may be needed with these beauties, but the result is well worth it. The begonia is not bought as a bulb, and is best started in pots. The great thing about potted begonias is that they can be taken in and kept as house plants in the fall when it begins to frost.

Get the Most Use Out of your purchase

With so much great color blossoming in your yard, you should take full advantage of its beauty. Since most of these flowers don’t last long, try snipping off a couple of blooms a week and making bouquets for your house. The smells and colors will liven up any room and grace your house with the fragrance of spring.

As the days start to get warmer start planning your perfect flower arrangements. Consider hiring a local landscaper to help you plant your flowering beauties in the the most ideal spots for thriving. Take advantage of this springs top picks and start turning heads with your color combinations.


Curb Appeal- Ways to Make Low-Cost Improvements

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curb-appealYour home’s curb appeal is the opportunity to provide a great first impression. If you’re looking to enhance the look of your home or build value, great curb appeal will encourage potential home-buyers to want to look inside.

Here are several simple, low-cost improvements you can do right away.

Replace the Hardware

If your home has its original house numbers, mailbox, outdoor light fixtures and entry door lockset, it may be time for an upgrade. Replace anything that looks worn or out of date. Make sure these elements flow collectively to add some style.

Dress Up the Front Entry

The focal point of your curb appeal should be the front door and entryway. A blast of color or custom wood decor will make a statement and reflect your home’s interior. Add additional simple decor such as a wreath or potted plants for charm and personality.

Let There be Light

Installing low-voltage landscape lighting will make a big impact on curb appeal. It will also make your home more safe and secure. Illuminate a walking path or add accent lighting to the landscape to brighten your lawn at night. Be sure if a bulb burns out, you replace it right away.

Replace Gutters

If your home’s gutters and downspouts are old, they are likely beginning to rust and suffer from peeling paint. New, snap-fit vinyl gutter systems typically don’t require paint or many tools to install.

Add Outdoor Pieces

Add personality to your lawn with water resistant artwork. Things like wind chimes, bird baths and water sculptures are low maintenance and functional. These also give off a soothing sound that can make a hot day seem cooler. Be sure to choose classy (not tacky) lawn art and keep them away from leaf-dropping areas.


Of course, your curb appeal begins with the health of your lawn and landscape. For more ideas for enhancing your home’s curb appeal and improving your lawn and landscape, contact Olympic Lawn & Landscape today!

Using Color to Enhance Your Landscape This Spring

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Using color in your landscape can be challenging yet rewarding. You want things to compliment each other and flow together nicely. Adding some spice through color is a great way to improve or enhance an existing landscape design.

Using Color in Mulch

The use of a bold color in your mulch will bring life to what used to be boring wood chips. Bold colors in your mulch will also accent important areas of your lawn. First and foremost, we recommend using a dark mulch. A dark mulch will make any curbing or plants stand out. A dark mulch also provides the perfect accent to any type of landscape design, including flower beds or basic shrubs.

Using Color Designflower bed

Choosing which colors can be difficult, so begin with a color scheme. Think about what colors would compliment the color of your house. That said, you don’t necessarily want to choose complementary colors- this is very different. For your flowers, try to use analogous colors which use hues next to each other on the color wheel. An example of this would be red, deep red, various pinks and maroon. While you’re sticking to a general theme, this is more playful than one solid color.

Colors in Your Plants

Besides dark mulch and bright flowers, plants can also have colorful bark patterns, leaves, fruit or fall colors. Many trees and shrubs offer richly colored leaves both during growing season and fall months. Depending on the climate you live in and your landscape design, plants can also offer beautiful colors and an added punch to your lawn.

Colors in Your Curbing

Custom curbing to accent your landscape design provides a very high quality finish to any lawn. By purchasing custom landscape curbing, colors can be mixed for the perfect final product.

Take pride in your landscape and add color this Spring. For more information, contact Olympic Lawn and Landscape today and ask about our Spring Lawn Maintenance Special.

Belgium Block Curbing vs. Other Landscape Curbing

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This year we were excited to introduce Belgium Block to our landscape curbing options. Because you may not know what makes this product so unique, we’ve compared Belgium Block to other types of landscape curbing.

Benefits of Custom Landscape Curbing 

Custom Landscape Curbing can not only add a very distinct detail to your home or business’ landscape, but also provide an effective root barrier for your grass or sod. Curbing also helps to reduce time spent on edging and trimming your lawn. We also confident that this will not only enhance the look of your property, but also increase its value.

How is Belgium Block Curbing Different?landscape curbing

What makes our Belgium Block curbing great is its mixture of colors. With this custom curbing, up to 6 colors can be mixed to complete the perfect stone look to match your exterior. Our Belgium Block curbing also offers much more texture that creates a very natural stone look. Other landscape curbing designs will only provide a very flat and solid color.

Further benefits of custom curbing used for landscape edging include:

-Edging preserves gardens and flowers, creating a barrier to keep out weeds and unwanted grass.

-Edging also preserves and shapes mulch or rock around trees and other landscape.

-Landscape edging helps retain water to keep soil healthy and help plants and trees hold moisture longer.

At Olympic Lawn & Landscape, we look forward to finding the perfect match for your custom landscape curbing. Call today about our Belgium Block Curbing and our 10% off special through May 1st! 816-875-9296


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