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The Hidden Savings of Landscaping Edging

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Not only does landscape edging provide a polished and sophisticated look, but it also comes with several hidden savings as well! By using landscaping edging around your trees, walkways, flower beds, gardens and more – not only will your yard stand out, but you’ll be finding hidden savings along the way!

Landscaping Edging Saves you Money

By using well-made curbing materials to edge your flower beds and landscaping projects, rock and mulch will stay-put. Without a sturdy material separating the beds from the grass, costly filler materials will often get lost in the grass, or worn down, and need to be replaced. By using landscaping edging, your rock and/or mulch stays put, and saves you money from having to replace it year after year.

Landscaping Edging Saves your Back

If you ever meet someone who LIKES pulling weeds, run. They are crazy! Weeding is not always the most fun job, and especially when weeds have crawled into the flower and garden beds. It’s often hard on your back, knees, and other achy joints. By using custom curbing for landscape edging, you’ll create a strong barrier that will kill the roots of weeds and other invaders that try to get into your beautiful plant beds, preventing you from the hard manual labor of weeding your flower beds.

Landscaping Edging Saves your Soil

The barrier created by landscaping edging will also save your soil. As it snows and rains, moisture will collect and stay in the soil thanks to the strong wall created by stone edging. Edging will irrigate the flowers and plants that are growing, thus improving the health of your soil, and requiring less watering.

What is Curb Appeal?

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Curb appeal – you’ve heard of it, but you’re not exactly sure what it is. Flowers by your front door? Landscaping edging around your trees? You know it’s about making your home pretty, but not exactly sure what all it involves.  Lets try and simplify things for you.

What is Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal (other than the popular TV show) is simply the attractiveness of your home from the outdoors. Curb appeal is especially important if you’re trying to sell your home. As potential buyers drive by your house, it needs to look like it’s been maintained well. It needs to be “cute” and inviting. Good curb appeal will get a lot of attention – both from buyers and non-buyers. Even if you’re not looking to sell your home, a house with good curb appeal will have several cars driving by very slowly, trying to steal a glimpse at your attractive home.

Curb appeal can involved both your front and back yard. Maintaining your home, and your yard, is important when keeping up the outdoor living spaces of your home. Prospective buyers, and neighbors will enjoy your home more – and even be more likely to pay your asking price, when the home looks well-maintained and attractive from the outside.

How to Improve your Curb Appeal

If you’d like to improve your curb appeal, below are a few ideas. Even if you’re not putting your house up for sale this spring, improving your curb appeal will help you keep up your property value. Plus, everyone likes coming home to a cute house.

Paint and Wash Your House for Curb Appeal

As you begin increasing the beauty of your home, look at the paint job. Is the paint peeling or chipping? Is it a popular and in-style color? Make sure that your home has a great coat of paint on it, and that everything from the sides, shutters and trim is well-coated in a beautiful color of paint. If you don’t need a new coat of paint, make sure that the exterior is cleaned. Power wash your windows, porch, gutters and siding to get a fresh, clean look.

Treat Your Yard for Curb Appeal

While we know kids love dandelions and consider them beautiful flowers; unfortunately, home buyers do not. Make sure your yard is well-maintained, mowed, and free of weeds. Rid any pest problems you may have, and keep your yard in great shape.

Add Landscaping Edging and Curbing for Curb Appeal

Landscaping edging will improve your curb appeal. From walkways to garden paths, having edging around your front and back yard will make your home look more sophisticated. Edging has multiple benefits in addition to its cosmetic improvements such as weed control and irrigation.

Add Nighttime Curb Appeal

Remember that not everyone who drives by your home will be viewing it in daylight. You can add curb appeal to your home at night by installing curb lighting around your landscaping areas and driveway. Create a well-lit path to your front door, or even down the perimeter of your driveway skirt. A post light could also work, depending on the style of your home and layout.

Plant Flowers for Curb Appeal

Probably the most well-known way to improve curb appeal is planting flowers. Make sure to find seasonal flowers that will stay abloom all season long, and even into summer. From planting flowers in your flower beds to arranging gorgeous containers, make sure you have flowers and plants all around your home.

Get a Door Wreath for Curb Appeal

A final touch on improving your home appeal is adding a cute, seasonal wreath to your door. Several craft stores and department stores sell affordable wreaths. It’s inviting and friendly, and will definitely get your home some extra attention!

More Great Tips On Landscaping To Sell Your Home

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If you’re planning the sale of your home you know about curb appeal. We’ve written about it before but you can’t have too much information so we’re adding a few more tips.

These days a house can be on the market for longer than we might want so your best bet may be to consult with a landscaping company. They can recommend the kind of plant types, both annual and perennial, that will last a long time if necessary. Planting pansies in March will result in sad, wilted and heat blasted flowers if your home is still on the market in June.

Add one or two unusual specimen plants to add interest to your foundation landscape. A Weeping Norway Spruce or Blue Atlas Cedar aren’t as common as yews or boxwood so your landscape will make a statement. Unusual or uncommon specimens aren’t difficult to find and you’ll be impressed at how much they improve the look of your home.

Put flowers in pots on your porch. They can be changed out as they fade or become overgrown. This might also be good place for a small shrub in a pot with flowers at the base. The shrub won’t grow as fast and won’t be as susceptible to changing seasons. If you’re selling in the fall an evergreen will make a great little Christmas tree in December.

Plant a tree. A small tree will add interest to an open and empty landscape for just a small investment. Make sure it has both spring and fall interest, either flowering or attractive foliage and good color in the fall.

Maintain your lawn. This is key as no amount of decorative plantings can disguise struggling turf. It’s worth investing in a landscaping company that can both improve and maintain your yard at least for the short term to get it looking great.

And lastly everything looks better with a nice layer of mulch. Planting beds look refreshed and cleaner and it will help keep the weeds to a minimum. Landscape curbing will also add a good, clean definition to your beds and increase their beauty.

If you’re looking for more advice on keeping your home’s landscaping looking great at all times contact Olympic Lawn and Landscape. Not only can we recommend and install the best quality plantings but we can also improve the look of your patio, adding another great feature to impress a new buyer or just for you to enjoy.

Using Color to Enhance Your Landscape This Spring

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Using color in your landscape can be challenging yet rewarding. You want things to compliment each other and flow together nicely. Adding some spice through color is a great way to improve or enhance an existing landscape design.

Using Color in Mulch

The use of a bold color in your mulch will bring life to what used to be boring wood chips. Bold colors in your mulch will also accent important areas of your lawn. First and foremost, we recommend using a dark mulch. A dark mulch will make any curbing or plants stand out. A dark mulch also provides the perfect accent to any type of landscape design, including flower beds or basic shrubs.

Using Color Designflower bed

Choosing which colors can be difficult, so begin with a color scheme. Think about what colors would compliment the color of your house. That said, you don’t necessarily want to choose complementary colors- this is very different. For your flowers, try to use analogous colors which use hues next to each other on the color wheel. An example of this would be red, deep red, various pinks and maroon. While you’re sticking to a general theme, this is more playful than one solid color.

Colors in Your Plants

Besides dark mulch and bright flowers, plants can also have colorful bark patterns, leaves, fruit or fall colors. Many trees and shrubs offer richly colored leaves both during growing season and fall months. Depending on the climate you live in and your landscape design, plants can also offer beautiful colors and an added punch to your lawn.

Colors in Your Curbing

Custom curbing to accent your landscape design provides a very high quality finish to any lawn. By purchasing custom landscape curbing, colors can be mixed for the perfect final product.

Take pride in your landscape and add color this Spring. For more information, contact Olympic Lawn and Landscape today and ask about our Spring Lawn Maintenance Special.

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