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Curbing for Curved Landscape Patterns

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A Curved Landscape Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

A blog post about landscaping small yards recently caught our attention.

Professional landscapers in Baltimore gave several tips for how to make a backyard space look larger through professional landscaping. One great suggestion was to avoid lining the fence with trees and shrubs, and to consider edging in curved patterns and sweeping lines to add beauty and space.

House exterior with brick wall trim walkout deck and beautiful front yard landscape

Curbing Allows for Curved Patterns

We specialize in custom concrete curbing, which allows for the effect that the article recommends. Instead of having a straight-lined perimeter that makes the lawn look smaller and caged in, use concrete curbing to create the sweeping lines and soft borders. Curbing is long-lasting and will be the perfect fit for a small backyard. Rather than having the focus be on limited space, concrete curbing will attract the eye and add sophistication to any professional landscaping area – big or small.

Customizing the Curbing Shapes

Because concrete curbing is customized, it can be colored, shaped and designed to your specifications. We pour each brick that is installed, so we can create curbing in the shape and pattern you desire. Start by spending time in your backyard and drawing out how you’d like your curbing to be shaped. Then call your professional landscapers to make recommendations on the right shape and color for your curbing. Curbing is long-lasting and will add the “pop” to outdoor landscaping.

Adding Colors and Plants in a Small Backyard

Once the curved curbing is poured, enhance the flower beds with colorful plants and garden decor. As the article recommends, make sure to not put too many large pieces in the backyard, and plant shrubs and flowers that will not outgrow your space. Scale your lawn to make sure that you have the right size of items before purchasing.

For more tips on making a curved landscape pattern as beautiful as it can be, call Olympic Lawn & Landscape at (816) 875-9645

Lawn and Home | Why to use Concrete Curbing

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The fall weather has been especially nice this year. And with the great weather more people are spending time outside as a family. More often than not, this outside time doesn’t have to be spent driving to your local park or places with admission fees – but can be attained through the comfort of your own lawn through simple things like concrete curbing. Concrete curbing helps make your backyard feel like part of your home – and can even create an outdoor “getaway” for your family.

A peaceful yard is a peaceful home

Enjoy your lawn this fall with custom concrete curbing!

Your Lawn is Part of your Home

Nothing is more frustrating to me than coming home after a long day and having to worry about my lawn. The first thing I want to do is kick back and relax and when the weather is this nice, and as an outdoor guy, I especially love relaxing outside. I’ve found that it is hard for me to relax when I see my flowerbed full of weeds or mulch scattered around the yard, or pesky grass that’s overgrown into those areas – yes, even as a landscaper.

I read an article recently that many people are investing more in their lawns instead of taking vacations. People want to come home and relax, and enjoy their home and yard instead of trying to get away from it one week a year. Isn’t that such a smart idea? Our homes should be a place of comfort and peace. A time for family and memories!

This makes total sense to me, and I agree. I can’t concentrate on spending quality time with family when I am stuck looking at the eye soar in my yard. One way I have found to help lower my stress level when it comes to lawn care is concrete curbing. This modern edging is fantastic! It increases the property value and allows me to do less maintenance. And the best thing is that it is customizable to fit the design of my lawn and home.

Customization of Concrete Curbing

Weather causes dirt to shift and weeds will always grow through cracks, but the great thing about concrete curbing is that there are no breaks in the concrete curbing. Curbing is one complete piece which prevents shifting and cracks – unlike other landscape edging materials like brick or stone. The piece of the curbing can be custom designed into the shape and form you want it to be. And with so many types and styles of homes, curbing comes in several shapes, colors and designs to match any taste.

Curbing Shapes

Concrete curbing can be used to edge almost any piece of landscaping, including walkways, flower beds, gardens, trees – you name it. With its many different uses, there are a variety of customizable shapes concrete curbing can be molded into. What is wonderful about the customization of the shape is that it can be designed to fit your mowing needs as well. Curves and edges can be rounded, smoothed and not interfere with a mower or weed eater.

Curbing Colors

The color of the concrete curbing can be fit to match the exterior colors of your house or used as an accent color to your landscaping. With more than 20 different colors ranging from deep reds, to light greens, tans, blues and even charcoals, there is a color to fit almost any need.

Curbing Designs

The designs made on concrete curbing makes the landscaping in a yard really pop. They can be custom designed to look like brick, stone, slate or any other number of things. The designs are created by a stamping system that adds texture to the concrete.

Fall is a great time to remodel

Most people put a lot of time and effort into their landscaping in the spring just to let it get away from them once summer ends and the business of fall begins. The unfortunate thing is that most people don’t realize that concrete curbing is so easy, and there is hardly any maintenance involved. And in the fall many lawn care companies run specials for concrete curbing.

A Texas news source recently pointed out that for those in the Midwest and the South fall is one of the best times to spruce up the lawn. With warmer temperatures leaving and cooler ones setting in, it is the perfect time for a lawn renovation. Join me this fall in making your lawn provide peace and comfort – not stress and weeds.

Jump on board and remodel now, call the experts at Olympic Lawn for a free estimate, (877) 280-6271

Customize your Lawn with Concrete Applications

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You can tell a lot about a person by their lawn, but for those who don’t have a natural green thumb, making your lawn pop with its own uniqueness doesn’t have to be a hard task to accomplish. Concrete curbing and concrete applications can be just the thing needed to add some creativity and customization to your landscaping.

Most people think that concrete lawn products are only for flower beds and for borders around the house, but did you know that there are tons of other creative uses for concrete applications? From one dimensional logo designs to making your grill the focal point of your back yard, concrete can change the entire landscape of your lawn.

Curbing Designs

One way to make your lawn more reflective of who you are is to use customizable concrete curbing. The great thing about customizing it yourself is that you can choose designs and colors that fit your personality.

Logos Around Your Home

Want to show your Alma Mater you are still rooting for them? You can customize your concrete curbing in a one dimensional shape to resemble your favorite sports team logo. Big KU fan? Use the curbing colors, patterns and your own shrubs and flowers to create a design that is sure to impress other Jayhawks.

Trees Edged with Concrete

Are you more of simple elegance kind of person? Use curbing to edge your trees. Make it your own by choosing a stamping pattern and color that reflect you and your home.

Backyard Centerpiece

Creating a focal point in your back yard can do wonders for party hosting and even just family meals. A focal point is a space in your yard that you want people to notice and it can also give people a place to gather around when you are hosting an event. Concrete curbing can help you set your grill, fire ring or a play area as the focal point. Using a curbing application to make your focal point stand out, is an even bigger plus by adding style and landscape design.

The Patio

If you have a wooden deck, you know that it takes maintenance. Over time, the wood needs to be re-stained or even replaced depending on what type of climate you live in. If you are thinking about a new patio one solution is to replace the old wooden deck with a concrete patio. Concrete patios aren’t what they used to be either. With tons of different colors and stamping designs your patio can be high end without putting an end to your budget.

Stamping sets can even make the patio look like tile, brick or slate without paying the high prices for those materials.

Walk Ways

One fun ways to add a touch of style to your lawn is to add a concrete walk way in your front or back yard. This type of walk way can accentuate the outside of your home. With the same variety stamping and color choices as a patio, you can customize your walk way to match your home or garden.

If you are thinking about ways to add a little touch of “you” to your lawn this year, look into concrete options. From edging to large spaces, customization is the best way to make it your own.



What's The Secret Of Landscape Curbing?

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At Olympic Lawn and Landscape we love curbing. If we could we would curb every yard in KC. It’s beautiful, durable and can be made to match your home’s exterior brick or stone work. It’s easier to install than most any other kind of landscape border and comes in a number of custom colors.

Curbing complements any lawn or landscape.

But just how is curbing made and installed?

It’s not a secret; in fact, we’d love to share our process. When you call a design specialist at Olympic Lawn and Landscape we will consult with you on the shape, color, texture and placement of your curbing. You’ll be amazed at all of your choices and combinations!

On installation day we’ll come ready to get started.  We’ll carefully measure and mark where your curbing will be placed. Next we’ll use a sod cutter to carefully remove the turf from the area without harming any plantings or other features in your yard.

That’s when the magic happens: we mix and color the concrete right there and then extrude the curbing to the exact measurements. Then we’ll add the texture, examine it carefully for any imperfections and then seal it to preserve the color and finish.

Our professional curbing installers will then clean up the area and voila! You’ll have the curbing you’ve been waiting for. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your landscaping or driveway and so will the neighborhood.

Show me the curbing!

We’ve made it easy for you to envision your complete curbing project-here’s a great video so you can see just how much curbing will increase your curb appeal, bring up your property value and make your home a showplace. So give us a call anytime at 816-875-9296 to discuss how curbing will end your quest for the perfect lawn edging.


Is Your Grass Growing Through Your Mulch?

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landscape curbingIt’s common for a homeowner to experience some irritating grass growing in their mulched areas. So what is going wrong?

You may have been convinced that by spreading dirt and mulch over an area would kill the grass beneath. If this was your approach, you have likely noticed grass still popping up. To avoid this, you have a few different options.

One option is to go with a chemical approach. You could try spraying the area with a herbicide to kill the grass. If you do this, you will have to completely shield your other plants and shrubs from any drift of the spray. Most herbicides will kill all plants, so this option can be very risky.

Another approach would be to lay newspaper or plastic over the grass before spreading mulch over it. This option may take a lot of extra effort because your mulch has likely already been applied. You’ll need to rake it up and clear the area and then replace it. The newspaper will eventually break down naturally, but once that happens the grass can still return.

If you choose plastic, no air or sunlight will be let through, killing weeds and unwanted grass. The downside of this is that you need water and air to get through for your other plants and any trees.

Some believe that fabric is the best option for separating lawn and mulch. Landscaping fabric allows for more breathing rooms and still allows water to penetrate the soil. However, if weeds and grass are your issue, fabric probably isn’t the answer. Weeds, roots and grass will grow through the fabric and even tangle themselves in it requiring even more time and effort.

At Olympic  Lawn & Landscape, our experience tells us that the best option for your landscape is curbing. By putting down 6×4 curbing, your lawn and grass will not disrupt your landscape and mulch beds. Curbing is also the best looking option by providing natural borders to your landscape design.

For more information or questions about our custom curbing and landscape design, contact Olympic Lawn and Landscape today!


Belgium Block Curbing vs. Other Landscape Curbing

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This year we were excited to introduce Belgium Block to our landscape curbing options. Because you may not know what makes this product so unique, we’ve compared Belgium Block to other types of landscape curbing.

Benefits of Custom Landscape Curbing 

Custom Landscape Curbing can not only add a very distinct detail to your home or business’ landscape, but also provide an effective root barrier for your grass or sod. Curbing also helps to reduce time spent on edging and trimming your lawn. We also confident that this will not only enhance the look of your property, but also increase its value.

How is Belgium Block Curbing Different?landscape curbing

What makes our Belgium Block curbing great is its mixture of colors. With this custom curbing, up to 6 colors can be mixed to complete the perfect stone look to match your exterior. Our Belgium Block curbing also offers much more texture that creates a very natural stone look. Other landscape curbing designs will only provide a very flat and solid color.

Further benefits of custom curbing used for landscape edging include:

-Edging preserves gardens and flowers, creating a barrier to keep out weeds and unwanted grass.

-Edging also preserves and shapes mulch or rock around trees and other landscape.

-Landscape edging helps retain water to keep soil healthy and help plants and trees hold moisture longer.

At Olympic Lawn & Landscape, we look forward to finding the perfect match for your custom landscape curbing. Call today about our Belgium Block Curbing and our 10% off special through May 1st! 816-875-9296


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