Cheap Landscape Curbing’s Biggest Enemies

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We’ve all been there – its tempting to give into the cheap landscape curbing that’s calling your name. Its all curled up, so nice and tight, sitting on the shelf like a good little piece of coiled black plastic. Especially with it’s darling little price tag hanging from the shelf. It doesn’t want you to know that once you cut those zip ties, it just goes down from there. Once you manage to wrangle it into some sort of manageable form and get it lined up in your yard, there’s no guarantee that it will last. And that cute little price tag becomes a glaring realization that all of those pennies just went down the drain. Especially when it gets near one of it’s biggest enemies like:

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Curbing for Curved Landscape Patterns

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A Curved Landscape Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

A blog post about landscaping small yards recently caught our attention.

Professional landscapers in Baltimore gave several tips for how to make a backyard space look larger through professional landscaping. One great suggestion was to avoid lining the fence with trees and shrubs, and to consider edging in curved patterns and sweeping lines to add beauty and space.

House exterior with brick wall trim walkout deck and beautiful front yard landscape

Curbing Allows for Curved Patterns

We specialize in custom concrete curbing, which allows for the effect that the article recommends. Instead of having a straight-lined perimeter that makes the lawn look smaller and caged in, use concrete curbing to create the sweeping lines and soft borders. Curbing is long-lasting and will be the perfect fit for a small backyard. Rather than having the focus be on limited space, concrete curbing will attract the eye and add sophistication to any professional landscaping area – big or small.

Customizing the Curbing Shapes

Because concrete curbing is customized, it can be colored, shaped and designed to your specifications. We pour each brick that is installed, so we can create curbing in the shape and pattern you desire. Start by spending time in your backyard and drawing out how you’d like your curbing to be shaped. Then call your professional landscapers to make recommendations on the right shape and color for your curbing. Curbing is long-lasting and will add the “pop” to outdoor landscaping.

Adding Colors and Plants in a Small Backyard

Once the curved curbing is poured, enhance the flower beds with colorful plants and garden decor. As the article recommends, make sure to not put too many large pieces in the backyard, and plant shrubs and flowers that will not outgrow your space. Scale your lawn to make sure that you have the right size of items before purchasing.

For more tips on making a curved landscape pattern as beautiful as it can be, call Olympic Lawn & Landscape at (816) 875-9645

Landscape Curbing

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Custom landscape curbing adds great curb appeal and elegance to any lawn. Curbing is perfect for those who’re looking to accent a walkway or flower bed. Curbing is also a perfect way to make your yard stand out, and your landscaping exquisite.  You will have already heard of the benefits of curbing for curb appeal and it is also nice to enjoy the beauty of your yard for yourself.

Landscape Curbing for Lawn Edging

Curbing is often used when edging your lawn. Landscaping edging not only provides a physical barrier to separate your plant beds from your grass, but it also helps keep out grass and weeds from growing into your flower beds. Landscaping curbing that’s not only physically heavy, but colored to match your home’s exterior is a great solution for landscape edging around your walkways, garden beds and more. Check out our post about the hidden savings of landscaping edging.

Custom Colors of Landscape Curbing

Landscape curbing can be created in a variety of colors, shapes and patterns to match the home’s outdoor design. Colored dye is mixed into the concrete to give your preferred color or curbing. Color your curbing red to look like brick, or granite to match your shutters and accent colors.

Custom Curbing Shapes of Landscape Curbing

Not only can you color your curbing to match your exterior, but curbing comes in a variety of shapes, too. Create a landscaped edge around the perimeter of your home, or a circular border around a tree. A variety of landscape curbing shapes enable you to place landscape curbing just about anywhere, with the design and colors looking elegant and natural.

Landscape Designs of Landscape Curbing

Our curbing can be stamped and designed to look like any pattern. Not only can we make your curbing custom colored and shaped, but our stamped curbing designs also give homeowners the look they want. Create custom curbing to look like brick or stone – or even cobblestone or slate. Depending on where you choose to install custom curbing, you can pick the design that best matches your outdoor aesthetic.

Check out our photo gallery of custom landscape curbing projects.

Transforming your Overgrown Weeded Area

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Some homeowners find themselves with a dilemma. They have a beautiful backyard, yet one spot that’s left for the weeds and random, unwanted plants to grow. Sometimes referred to as a “weed garden,” homeowners leave the weeds due to a lack of inspiration for that area.

As landscaping specialists, we see a “weed garden” and get excited, as it’s a chance to transform a backyard area into something fun and useful. While every homeowner is different, we have several creative ideas for homeowners looking to work on their backyards and get rid of the overgrown weeds.

If you’re a homeowner looking for how to transform your overgrown weeded area, here are a few ideas:

  • If the area gets full-sun, pull the weeds and transform it into a vegetable or flower garden. Here are some tips from Weekend Gardener on how to start a vegetable garden.
  • Install a patio with an easy-to-assemble Patio Kit. If your “weed garden” is in an area where your guests will walk by, why not add a patio so that you can use the space for entertaining.
  • Landscape the area with plants and flowers that grow best in that shaded/non-shaded area. To add a classy touch, edge the area with concrete curbing.
  • Is the weeded area in a secluded spot near the house? Would a hot tub work well in the space?

These are just a few ideas for those with an overgrown weeded area. Did we miss any?

How have you transformed your weeded area into a useful space?

How to Apply the Garden Effect

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Our last post talked about the “Garden Effect” and how landscaping can not only increase your home’s curb appeal, but your property values, too. Homeowners who landscaped their yards and took care of their grass experienced up to a $1.8 return on their investments. Don’t miss out on these type of returns. In the current economic climate landscaping your home is more important than ever.


Create an Outdoor Living Space to Improve your Landscaping

Landscaping Isn’t Optional Anymore

Long gone are the days where landscaping was a hobby, and optional around the house. With the Garden Effect in full swing, realtors and homeowners alike agree that a lawn must be cared for in order for the maximum property value to apply. For those who are trying to increase curb appeal and property values, consider adding professional landscaping to the “to do” list of household tasks to take care of this summer.

Ideas for Increasing your Property Value through Outdoor Landscaping

If you’re looking for a place to start landscaping, here is some advice as professional landscapers:

1. Pick one area and start small.

When you have it in your head that you want to landscape the yard, the task can be overwhelming and daunting, especially if you haven’t done anything and the yard is a “blank slate.” Pick one area, and start there. Improve the area around you porch and front walkway, or choose to get rid of the weeds in the back and install a nice bed for perennial flowers. Whatever you do, take it one step at a time. Contact us if you need help with landscape design ideas!

2. Consider Concrete Curbing

Concrete curbing is the latest landscaping material, and the best product on the market for landscape edging. Concrete curbing not only looks nice, but it lasts for years, especially if it’s resealed. Concrete curbing offers attractive lines and borders around your home, as well as several benefits for your plants such as weed control and soil aeration. Concrete curbing can be designed, shaped and colored to match your home, providing a perfect way to instantly increase the attractiveness of your landscape design.

3. Don’t Neglect your Lawn

Lawn maintenance and mowing is part of landscape and landscape design. Don’t neglect your yard when you’re in the process of improving your curb appeal. Make sure that it is mowed often, and mowed in different directions each time. Also make sure you are aerating and seeding your lawn and applying seasonal treatments so that weeds and grubs steer clear.

4. Consider an Outdoor Living Area

If you’ve ever watched HGTV’s House Hunters, you’ll notice how prospective buyer’s jaw’s drop when they walk onto a gorgeous deck and outdoor patio. Outdoor living spaces are not only great to have for a relaxing evening or backyard party – but they’re also a great way to increase property value and appeal toward your home. Outdoor living areas don’t have to cost a fortune, and there are also options for patio kits that you assemble by yourself.

These are just four easy ways to start increasing your property value through landscaping. Did we miss any? Let us know if you’re had experience with other landscaping ideas that proved a great ROI!

Is Your Grass Growing Through Your Mulch?

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landscape curbingIt’s common for a homeowner to experience some irritating grass growing in their mulched areas. So what is going wrong?

You may have been convinced that by spreading dirt and mulch over an area would kill the grass beneath. If this was your approach, you have likely noticed grass still popping up. To avoid this, you have a few different options.

One option is to go with a chemical approach. You could try spraying the area with a herbicide to kill the grass. If you do this, you will have to completely shield your other plants and shrubs from any drift of the spray. Most herbicides will kill all plants, so this option can be very risky.

Another approach would be to lay newspaper or plastic over the grass before spreading mulch over it. This option may take a lot of extra effort because your mulch has likely already been applied. You’ll need to rake it up and clear the area and then replace it. The newspaper will eventually break down naturally, but once that happens the grass can still return.

If you choose plastic, no air or sunlight will be let through, killing weeds and unwanted grass. The downside of this is that you need water and air to get through for your other plants and any trees.

Some believe that fabric is the best option for separating lawn and mulch. Landscaping fabric allows for more breathing rooms and still allows water to penetrate the soil. However, if weeds and grass are your issue, fabric probably isn’t the answer. Weeds, roots and grass will grow through the fabric and even tangle themselves in it requiring even more time and effort.

At Olympic  Lawn & Landscape, our experience tells us that the best option for your landscape is curbing. By putting down 6×4 curbing, your lawn and grass will not disrupt your landscape and mulch beds. Curbing is also the best looking option by providing natural borders to your landscape design.

For more information or questions about our custom curbing and landscape design, contact Olympic Lawn and Landscape today!


Caring for Your Landcape Curbing

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Landscape curbing is a great investment for your outdoor property values. It not only looks great, but it also has several benefits for your grass and flower bed areas. Having your curbing professionally landscaped only improves the level of return on your investment.


Reseal Landscape Curbing to Prevent Weather Deterioration

Taking Care of your Curbing

If you’ve had custom curbing installed, make sure to follow proper curb maintenance so that your landscape curbing is kept in perfect condition. Caring for your landscape curbing can be done by a few homeowners’ steps, as well as a few steps by the professional landscape installation technitians.

Keep your Landscape Curbing Looking Nice

While you’re at home, care for your curbing by rinsing off any dirt and grime that’s built up on the curbing. With our Kansas City seasons, often times leaves, dirt, rock salt and other debris can build up along our landcape curbing. Take a garden hose and rinse off the curbing to keep it looking nice. Other than rising off your curbing, the curbing material is maintenance-free! The only other step to care for your landscape curbing involves resealing.

Resealing your Curbing

Resealing your landscape edging should be done every two years. This will prevent weather deterioration, and help your curbing keep looking like new. Resealing your curbing is recommended by the curbing manufacturer, and should be done professionally. While there are resealing products that homeowners have access to purchase off the shelf, it’s cheaper an more effective to hire a professional landscaper to reseal your curbs.

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