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Light up the Holidays

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Andy Williams and Johnny Mathis both had it right when they sang this favorite Christmas tune. And seeing Christmas lights go up on businesses and homes around town is a tell-tale sign that this wonderful time is right around the corner.

The Chicago Tribune just ran an article about the Christmas shopping season and how it started earlier this year because of competitive Christmas sales. While this is one of the best times of the year, Christmas shopping can be stressful. But, for me, one thing that makes my shopping a little more enjoyable is seeing all of the Christmas decor around town, especially Christmas lights and displays. And at night, after a long day, to be able to drive through the city and see Christmas lights twinkling is refreshing. Commercial businesses can do a lot to help their shoppers make it a wonderful time of year, just by adding some holiday cheer!

Attracting Business with Christmas Lights

As a business owner myself, I am always looking for ways to increase awareness of my company. During the holidays I have found that stores that have a nice Christmas display or holiday lighting attract more customers. Even a business that I may never step foot into gets my attention if they have a little holiday cheer outside welcoming me inside. Lights attract business.

Better Shopping

One thing I have noticed when it comes to holiday shopping is the stress and chaos it causes. I firmly believe that adding a little lighting or just a few simple decorations can put people in a better shopping mood. And better moods equal better buying.

With more people buying online, increasing the attractiveness of your storefront is key in getting more holiday shopppers into your store. And creating an atmosphere that reduces stress and increases the real reason behind the holiday is always a positive thing.

Installation of Christmas Lights

The best thing about decorating your storefront is that it is incredibly easy to hire someone to do it for you. From setting up, to tearing down and storage, hiring out holiday lighting is simple and affordable.

Professional Light Installation

Having lights professionally set up and installed can save from serious accidents such as fires and lighting shorts. Most companies will also come out and check your display and bulbs to make sure they are working properly.

Tear Down

Instead of worrying about when to take down your display or finding the time to take it down, professional lighting companies do all of this work for you too. Many people who put displays on their business do not take the time to take them down after the season ends. This often makes the storefront look less than appealing. Set up and tear down of Christmas lights should be done in a timely manner.

Storage of Christmas Lights

One of the things I hate most about taking the lights off of my house is the jumbled mess they get into once they go to the basement. It takes me hours to get all of them untangled and then another hour or two to check to see which twinkling lights have gone out.

When you get your lights done by professionals, the company stores the lights for you. This way you do not have to worry about untangling the “Christmas Vacation” sized ball of lights in your garage or storage unit. The lighting company makes sure all lights are functioning and ready for the perfect display.

This holiday season make it the most wonderful time of year for not only you, but for your customers as well.

Get a free estimate on holiday lighting for your home or business by calling, 816-697-2720.

Light up your Home this Holiday Season

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As lights go up outside of businesses all around town lights are going up in neighborhoods too. Christmas lights truly enhance the holiday season, lighting up homes in communities across the country.


I always hear people talk about elaborate plans to decorate the outside of their home (OK, usually it is the men who get over zealous about their Clark Griswald-type holiday lighting plans.) But I must agree, there is something exciting about having a really nice display of lights on your home for the holidays.

What I often find though, is that these elaborate plans get thrown to the wayside when the business of the holiday season begins. What once was going to be a fun family activity turns into a nightmare. Over the years I have found that the best option in having my holiday lighting plans come to fruition is to hire a professional.

Time Saver

Unpacking the jumbled ball of Christmas lights can take forever. Checking every light takes even longer, not to mention getting out the ladder and spending time in the cold. Ladders can cause a serious accident, especially if you are tired, cold or in a hurry.

Safety First

As funny as it might sound, Christmas lights can be dangerous, especially when they are not taken care of properly.


With a professional installer you do not have to worry about the possibility of injuring yourself on a ladder. Professional installers have all the right ladders and safety materials needed to properly install lights even on the highest points of your home, without you having to move a muscle.


Not properly checking the bulbs on your lights or leaving them on too long can create a spark that could turn into a fire. With professionally installed lights, the lights are thoroughly checked before they are put up and are placed around safe areas on the outside of the house.

Electrical outlets

Worried about over crowding your electrical outlets? The professionals will set up your holiday lights and make sure your outlets are in the safest position to weather the cold and snow and still make your house beam with brightness.

Quality Product

The best part about a professional installer is the ability to make the end product look exactly how you want. Creating a plan for the installers that incorporates the colors you desire and the layout you wish to attain is easy.  In fact, planning early and then passing off your plans to a professional will help you get the quality lighting product of your dreams.

The end goal is to have your house feel like a home around the holidays. And the bottom line is that having lights professionally put on your home creates a quality product, which creates curb appeal. Whether you are trying to sell your home or just enjoy a festive house, having your lights done right is always rewarding.


Christmas (planning) in July

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With Kansas City heat indexes already hitting the 100s this June, what better topic to think about than Christmas! As July approaches us, we thought we’d start thinking and planning ahead for only six months from now – the holiday season!

Plan Ahead for the Holidays

With our crazy schedules and busy society, it seems like Christmas time sneaks up on us each year! From Halloween to Thanksgiving, time flies; not to mention the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. From crazy calendars to unexpected expenses, now is the time to start saving money and making plans for your holidays. One great idea is to go ahead and think about saving back a few dollars and having your holiday lights professionally installed.

Professional Holiday Lighting

Not only are Christmas lights on a house fun, but they really make it feel like Christmastime has arrived. Instead of waiting for that one nice weekend in November before it’s too cold to get your Christmas lights on your house, think about hiring Olympic Lawn & Landscape for your holiday lighting this year. We do Halloween lights and Christmas lights, and will give you a grand display that has you and your neighbors nostalgically thinking of all your favorite holiday memories.

Christmas Spectacular?

If you have the budget and desire for a spectacular Christmas Light show then you can find it at Animated Lighting.

Skip the Holiday Lights Headaches | Christmas Lighting Services

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The calendars just turned to October, which means that an exciting season is upon us: Holiday lights season Whether you’re a traditionalist and just go for Christmas lighting on your home, or you love to go all-out and even put lights on your home for Halloween, it’s almost time for our fall/winter holidays to begin.

Getting into Christmas Lights Season – A His & Her Perspective

Around your homes, it might look a little something like this:

Her Perspective on Holiday Lights

She’s excited and pulling out all of the fall decorations, adorning the house for the upcoming fall season. Kids costumes have been picked out for weeks. She’s already starting to buy Halloween candy at the stores. Halloween weekend is booked. And if she’s super into it, she’s bugging her husband to just put up a few simple stands of glowing orange lights to match the rest of the home. The Halloween party MUST have lights! Once November hits, her sights will be set on Christmas lights and she’s already gathering ideas.

His Perspective on Holiday Lights

Can’t believe it’s this season, yet again. It seems like he just took last year’s lights down and figured out how to safely store them in the garage. Thoughts of pulling them out again are daunting, not to mention the typical “check every bulb” mandate that he feels like he must do. (Thanks a lot, Christmas Vacation.) Soccer games have his weekends booked, yet he needs to figure out how to find time to put lights on the house. He’s trying to calculate how many nice weekends are left so that he can get the Christmas lights on the house before it turns cold. And he’s not exactly jumping up and down to add the “orange lights” for Halloween before the Christmas lights. So – how to love his wife yet avoid a big fight is quite the dilemma.

Olympic Lawn Offers Holiday Lighting Services

We recognize this may not be the situation in EVERY home in the Kansas City area, but we have a feeling that it’s the situation in many. If you could use help getting Christmas lights on your house this year, consider hiring someone to put the lights on for you. Landscaping companies are growing into this business as a way to add convenience to homeowners over the winter season. Plus, landscaping companies can provide easy installation PLUS storage of the holiday lights. No more tangled messes of lights. No more figuring out how to store them. No more climbing up cold ladders to hang lights. No more fights.

Save your marriage this holiday season. Consider hiring someone to get those lights up for you.


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