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Got Moles? Olympic Lawn's Grub Treatment

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As the snow melts, some homeowners will have an unfortunate surprise this spring. Trails and tunnels running throughout your yard may indicate that another family has moved into your property over the past few months: moles.

What are Moles?

Moles are rat-like animals that live underground. When they arrive, the will dig tunnels throughout your yard, and can possibly ruin your landscaping and grass areas. While they’re not harmful, they can be pesky and annoying – and especially when they start tearing up your yard. Moles typically don’t eat your plants and buds; they’re more interested in the grubs from your soil.

Why Did My Yard attract Moles?

Moles are attracted to earthworms and grubs. When their other sources of food dry up, they may be attracted to your yard if you have a good food supply for them. To prevent moles, we recommend a chemical grub treatment that will kill the food moles typically dig to find.

How do I get rid of Moles in my Yard?

While there are several old remedies for getting rid of moles, the best (and safest) way is to hire a professional trapper. This will ensure that you’re safely removing the mole, not harming any other animals who walk by your yard, and not wasting your time on poisons or methods that won’t work.

Four Steps to a Beautifully Mowed Yard

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Summer is almost here, which means the smell of grass clippings and nature’s freshest blooms is upon us. While some think of beaches, frozen drinks and patio parties when they think of summer, others think of landscaping and lawns. For homeowners looking for a way to make your yard stand out this summer, here are four mowing tips that will give you a beautiful summer lawn.

Mow your Grass Weekly

Mowing your grass every week will allow it to grow and fill out. Not only will it look better, but your grass will be healthier. The only times you want to avoid weekly lawn mowing is during extremely hot summer days, or weeks of drought. Mowing your grass too much during these seasons will cause it to turn brown and stunt its growth.

If you are unable to make the commitment to mowing your lawn weekly, or if you manage a commercial property that needs weekly mowing, contact us about our Lawn Mowing Services in the Lee’s Summit and surrounding areas.

Mow in different directions and patterns

Each week when you mow your grass, mow in a different direction. If one week you mow in horizontal stripes, mow in vertical stripes the next week. By mowing your grass in different directions, your grass will grow straight and correctly. If you mow in the same direction each time, you run the risk of your grass leaning toward one side or the other, and the sunlight not evenly hitting each grain.

Trim and Edge your Lawn

To get the best-looking, most polished lawn, trim your lawn before you mow. Your mower can get any areas that you may have missed. Use a string trimmer to get tall grass and weeds around areas like your fence, trees, air conditioner, landscape curbing and more.

Treat your Lawn

Especially when caring for yards in the Kansas City area, it’s important to treat your lawn. This will give you the best yard possible. Treating your lawn with turf applications will help keep out weeds and keep the grass green and plush.

Olympic Lawn & Landscape offers a 6-step lawn application program to our mowing clients.

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