At-Home Patio Kit Assembly

Do-It-Yourself Patio Kits & Outdoor Living Furniture

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One major trend in outdoor living right now is patio kits with at-home assembly. Not only are the kits easy to use, but they provide budget-conscious homeowners a way to improve their backyard without paying for expensive, professional installation.

Install Your Outdoor Living Pieces at Home

Manufacturers are realizing that not only are home owners trying to save money these days, but they’re smart, too. Several of the DIY shows on HGTV, TLC and others prove that home owners are handy, and can find the answers that will help them build and install their own home features. Outdoor living pieces like patio kits, fireplaces and fire pits are no different.

Our Outdoor Living Pieces that You Install

All of the outdoor living pieces carried by Olympic Lawn are designed with the home owner in mind. As customer’s design their outdoor living areas and order the separate pieces, they will arrive to the customer’s home ready for assembly. It’s just like Ikea, except for outdoor living patios and more. Homeowners will receive detailed instructions that help them assemble everything from the grand fireplace to the outdoor tables and chairs.

Home owners don’t only enjoy the reduced price for outdoor living patios and furniture, but they enjoy the satisfaction that they helped build and assemble their impressive backyard centerpieces.

Transforming your Overgrown Weeded Area

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Some homeowners find themselves with a dilemma. They have a beautiful backyard, yet one spot that’s left for the weeds and random, unwanted plants to grow. Sometimes referred to as a “weed garden,” homeowners leave the weeds due to a lack of inspiration for that area.

As landscaping specialists, we see a “weed garden” and get excited, as it’s a chance to transform a backyard area into something fun and useful. While every homeowner is different, we have several creative ideas for homeowners looking to work on their backyards and get rid of the overgrown weeds.

If you’re a homeowner looking for how to transform your overgrown weeded area, here are a few ideas:

  • If the area gets full-sun, pull the weeds and transform it into a vegetable or flower garden. Here are some tips from Weekend Gardener on how to start a vegetable garden.
  • Install a patio with an easy-to-assemble Patio Kit. If your “weed garden” is in an area where your guests will walk by, why not add a patio so that you can use the space for entertaining.
  • Landscape the area with plants and flowers that grow best in that shaded/non-shaded area. To add a classy touch, edge the area with concrete curbing.
  • Is the weeded area in a secluded spot near the house? Would a hot tub work well in the space?

These are just a few ideas for those with an overgrown weeded area. Did we miss any?

How have you transformed your weeded area into a useful space?

Complement Your Patio With A Container Vegetable Garden

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Nothing says summer like fresh veggies. Slice a deep red and beefy tomato, toss in some home grown basil and a good mozzarella and you’ll have the perfect summer salad. Few things compare to stepping outside and picking the tomato yourself with a snip of herbs on the way back inside.

Unfortunately a vegetable garden requires yard space, may interfere with landscaping or just be difficult to maintain. This is where the container garden steps in. Most any summer veggie can be coaxed into growing in the proper pot and the bounty can be delicious. Watering becomes easier, fertilizing is simple and they can actually add to the beauty of a patio or deck. So if you want the privilege of the backyard side dish there are lots of plant varieties that love the container.

I Say Tomato!

The granddaddy of the summer garden and the number one pick of all vegetable growers the tomato is very happy to be contained. A full size plant need a container with a soil capacity of at least 20 quarts and a water capacity of at least a gallon or more to keep up with this water lover. Patio varieties are also available for smaller spaces and produce smaller but just as yummy fruits. Buying tip: You may be tempted to buy large plants at the garden center with blossoms already set. Avoid this and buy smaller plants with dark green leaves and few or no blossoms. Blossoms can be a sign of stress in a plant that sits in a tiny pot. Give a small plant a big home and you’ll get a happy plant.

Wouldn’t You Like to Have a Pepper, Too?

Green, red, yellow, orange or even purple. Sweet, spicy or fiery. Large, small or just decorative. Pepper plants come in all kinds of delightful varieties and are well suited for containers. They love heat and consistent moisture and some varieties are compact enough to grow well in medium containers or even mix with other small plants in a larger one. Growing tip: Peppers need lots of light and heat so don’t be discouraged if they take a while to get going.

Lettuce Entertain You!

Lettuce is a fabulous container vegetable with almost as many choices for color, texture, size or taste as stars in the sky. They need constant moisture so a self-watering container is ideal. And because they are an early season plant that won’t tolerate summer heat you can use the container again for flowers after your lettuce season ends. Leaf lettuces are wonderful for “cut and come back” harvesting as you can cut the whole plane an inch above the soil and it will grow a new set of leaves.

Cukes Are Cute!

Cucumbers from the garden are a world away from the waxed and dry variety from the supermarket. They need heat, a consistent amount of food and lots and lots of H2O so this make them great for containers that can be tended just outside your door. They’ll need something to climb so if you don’t want that to be your patio furniture provide them with a trellis. Make sure your container is deep enough to sink support stakes into to secure the trellis as the vine can become heavy. Harvest when they’re smaller then the store variety as they will taste better. Beware of powdery mildew and cucumber beetles.

Squash Isn’t Just a Sport.

Summer squash is actually a bush rather than a vine so they can be grown in containers without invading your patio or everywhere else. Plant in the largest container you can manage, self-watering if possible, and deep. Like cucumbers summer squash in the garden should be harvested well before the size you see in the supermarket. Whether green zucchinis or yellow banana yellow squash you’ll be pleased with how well these container plants taste.

Herbs Are Well Seasoned.

Don’t forget the huge and wonderful varieties of herbs that can be container grown. Basil is the champ with colors from dark green to vivid purple and widely varied in taste. Rosemary is a wonderful, pungent Italian herb with a smell that will follow you anywhere once you’ve brushed against the silvery leaves. Thyme, sage, oregano, chives and parsley offer many choices of color and flavor. They can be planted together or separate and add a lovely foliage complement to annuals and perennials. Sneak a pot of chives into the house for the winter and clip the leaves as needed.

If you’ve never planted vegetables or herbs in containers you’ll be amazed at how easy it can be. And it can truly be a pleasure to step out of the kitchen on a lovely summer evening, collect a fresh selection of edibles and serve them for dinner. Entice your guests at a patio party with tiny orange peppers, striped tomatoes and edible nasturtium flowers in a fresh salad at the table.

Spring Flowering Trees

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With spring approaching at a gallop we are finally rewarded for waiting out the winter. Tulips, daffodils and hyacinth arrive in an explosion of color and fragrance and then the flowering trees bloom and reaffirm our love for the Midwest. Trees and maybe a few well-designed flower beds can dress up any landscape and enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Flowering Dogwood. The Missouri State Tree is a fine place to start. Blooming in colors from white to the softest pink and bold rosy red this stunner can reach a height of 20 feet. In the fall the trees again treat us with pink, red or purple foliage.

Ornamental Pear is another showstopper with tall upright branches covered in white blooms. Planted in groups by many municipalities the Bradford Pear gave city dwellers a lovely spring recharge but they are susceptible to wind and hail so many of them are being replaced by heartier varieties to ensure a lovely sight for years to come. They can reach a height of up to 35 feet depending on the variety

Redbuds are almost as representative of Missouri as the Flowering Dogwood. Longtime residents remember the redbud from childhood as the blooming trees are breathtaking. They most commonly come in colors of pink or deep purple and can reach a height of 25 feet. They are known to reseed so you may have little babies to transplant or give to friends.

A lesser-known but wonderful spring flowering tree is the Serviceberry. A multi-trunked and slow growing tree it produces lovely pink-tipped white blooms that develop into edible purple or red fruit in the fall. Leaves turn a beautiful deep red as winter approaches.  It can reach 15-25 feet tall and 10-15 feet wide.

The Crabapple is another tree that graces the Midwest with thick, heavy blooms that are sometimes fragrant. Long limbs rise up and when the breezes blow they release showers of white, pink or red petals. Look for varieties that don’t bear fruit and are disease resistant. Average height is only 10-25 feet so this is an ideal ornamental tree.

If you’d like to add trees to your landscape just give us a call. We offer professional landscaping services that will complement your house and make entertaining outdoors a treat for you and your family. Consider adding curbing to your garden beds or rejuvenate your patio and complete your outdoor transformation.

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