Caring for Your Landcape Curbing

Landscape curbing is a great investment for your outdoor property values. It not only looks great, but it also has several benefits for your grass and flower bed areas. Having your curbing professionally landscaped only improves the level of return on your investment.

Taking Care of your Curbing

If you've had custom curbing installed, make sure to follow proper curb maintenance so that your landscape curbing is kept in perfect condition. Caring for your landscape curbing can be done by a few homeowners' steps, as well as a few steps by the professional landscape installation technitians.

Keep your Landscape Curbing Looking Nice

While you're at home, care for your curbing by rinsing off any dirt and grime that's built up on the curbing. With our Kansas City seasons, often times leaves, dirt, rock salt and other debris can build up along our landcape curbing. Take a garden hose and rinse off the curbing to keep it looking nice. Other than rising off your curbing, the curbing material is maintenance-free! The only other step to care for your landscape curbing involves resealing.

Resealing Your Curbing

Resealing your landscape edging should be done every two years. This will prevent weather deterioration, and help your curbing keep looking like new. Resealing your curbing is recommended by the curbing manufacturer, and should be done professionally. While there are resealing products that homeowners have access to purchase off the shelf, it's cheaper an more effective to hire a professional landscaper to reseal your curbs.