Brown Grass is Cool, Right?

Well Kansas Citians, we've made it through a record-breaking heat wave. And although temperatures have started to let up a bit, the effects of the heatwave are still among us. If you're looking out your window at a nicely browned yard, you're not alone.

What to Do with a Brown Yard?

The first thing to know is that just because your yard is brown, it doesn't make you a bad homeowner. Most of us cannot afford to water our yards day and night - and especially those of us who live in Lee's Summit with our water prices! For most of us, we'll tough it out and wait for more rain to come to freshen up our lawns once again.

Waiting for the Water on your Lawn

If you do have a sprinkler system or want to water your yard, we encourage you to spread out your watering, and water deeply and thoroughly a few times each week rather than every night. Watering the grass deeply will cause water to sink even deeper into the soil, creating deeper, healthier grass roots. By watering a little every day, your grass will more than likely stay shallow and not bounce-back as quickly.

Go Ahead and Pull Up the Dead Plants and Flowers

Drive around the neighborhoods and you'll see many homeowners who are in denial about the heat wave. Unless they chose to buy desert-friendly flowers, many of the gorgeous plants this year has succumbed to the heat and withered away. If your flowers have died due to extreme heat, go ahead and pull them out, making way for the new fall plantings. If your plant is a nice shade of light brown, chances are it's not coming back to life.

Rake the Thatch in Fall

Also know that as the season begins to change and fall approaches us, consider raking the yard for thatch. This will remove the dead grass and create aeration throughout the soil, allowing your grass to grow deeper and fuller.