Bird-Friendly Lawn Care

Many people like to attract birds to their yard by planting the right plants and shrubs as well as providing plenty of trees. However, there are also lawn care tips that can help to attract birds to a yard.

How To Attract Birds With Lawn Care

 Though some of the more dedicated bird watchers have largely chosen to do away with grass, this can severely limit the yard's usefulness. Moreover, certain birds truly appreciate grass that has received proper lawn care. Some species love to hide a treat for later or forage for insects in a well kept lawnHomeowners may find it helpful to limit the amount of grass they have so that they can devote less time to bird friendly lawn care. Expanding garden beds and adding a borderline of shrubs are two ways to lessen the square footage involved and reduce the amount of time required for lawn care.

Bird Friendly Lawn Tips

A bird friendly yard is one that is chemical free. This means that all lawn care products used should be organic. Anything chemical based that is used to control weeds, keep pests in check or grow a healthier lawn may poison birds and kill off much of their food supply. By choosing organic lawn care, gardeners can allow birds to control pests, and more birds are likely to be attracted.The right kind of turf can similarly help attract birds. Dozens of different grass species are available, but by doing a soil test and evaluating the existing conditions, homeowners can narrow down the choices to the best kinds. Choosing the right turf or seed means spending less time and money on lawn care. It also more easily creates a bird friendly environment.Whether you mow the grass yourself or hire a professional to do it for you, consider allowing it to grow a bit longer. Deeper grass provides better shelter for birds and improves foraging areas. Plus, when the lawn isn't mown as often, the birds are disturbed less frequently.

Make the Most of Your Yard

Enliven your yard by attracting birds with these lawn care techniques.  Our skilled team is ready to help you meet this or any of your other lawn care goals.

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