Best Plants to Use as a Natural Insect Repellant

Noxious insects are the bane of any homeowner who enjoys spending time outside during the warmer months. Mosquitoes, flies, gnats and other insects can be controlled with chemical sprays, but there are also many natural insect repellents that can help. There has been both scientific and anecdotal evidence that shows the oils and compounds found in these natural insect repellent plants can help keep the yard free of bugs.

5 Great Plants to Use as a Natural Insect Repellent

  • Lavender - One of the most beautiful and well-loved herbs, lavender, has long been used inside the house as a natural insect repellent to keep moths out of blankets. This plant can also produce a calming effect for better sleep. Planted outside in the garden, lavender also repels mosquitoes and flies.
  • Mint - Mint may be invasive, so it is a great idea to plant it in pots spread around your yard and garden. This will increase its ability as a natural insect repellent to keep insects away from outdoor living areas and other plants as well.
  • Lemon Grass - Lemon grass is one source of citronella, which is commonly used in insect chasing candles, torch oils and treatments for the yard and garden. Why not plant some of the attractive herb instead as a natural insect repellent for your garden
  • Marigolds - Marigolds are very common bedding plants in many parts of the country. They have showy yellow, red and orange flowers and attractive foliage. Their insect repelling properties extend to mosquitoes and aphids.
  • Chrysanthemums - Mums are another plant that contain a compound commonly used in commercial insect repellent sprays and treatments: pyrethrum. This chemical has been shown to get rid of various types of jumping insects like fleas especially well, which has led it to be used in pet shampoos and other products.

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