What are the Best Plants for Fall Planting?

Keeping your plants fresh is a large part of your exterior design. They need to complement other decor as well as the house design as a whole. You’ll also want to be sure that your collection of plants is great for the current season and will last into the next.

The following is a collection of the best plants to plant during the fall.

Flowers with diverse blooms

As falls set in, you need to make your compound more flowerily. Flowers will blossom more because of adequate sunlight and deliver special ambience.

Some of the best flowers you can plant in fall include the Peruvian lily that has evergreen hybrids. The flowers come mainly in orange and yellow, or can come in special shades of dark purple and dark flecks. Other flowers you can plant in fall include the lovely Aster X Frikartii which grows to about two feet high. Its flowers are lavender-blue and blossom on tall stalks that make them outstanding in the lawn. These flowers are especially good for planting in the fall because of their toleration for a variety of soils.Plenti Falls pansies are also easy to plant and flower very quickly. They have round leaves and will provide yellow and red flowers after blossoming. They will grow to about 18 inches and will not die off in winter.

Short Trees and Roses

Planting short trees in the compound is important for additional coverage to flowers and elevated flowering. The trees should have deep foliage with lovely colors and grow to lovely heights. They should also be able to grow faster in diverse soils. Such trees include the October Glory which has amazing red foliage in falls. The tree reaches a height of 50 to 60 feet and is available from most garden centers.

As far as planting roses this fall, consider planting the confederate rose that keeps changing the colors from white to deep pink with age. If taken good care of, these roses will blossom quickly.

Special Grasses

If you want to take your planting to another level, you may also want to consider planting fall grass. The best grasses include ryegrass, bluegrass, fescue and bent-grass which grow evenly and give the compound a sense of special coolness and completeness. Most of the fall grasses are easy to take care of and will grow quickly.


For more information about preparing your lawn for fall and cooler weather, contact your local lawn and landscape experts at Olympic Lawn & Landscape.