August Showers Bring Fall Flowers

When many people think of fall colors, they think of deciduous trees and shrubs that display leaves with hues of red, yellow and orange. Maybe those same people think of perennials. However, annuals can be an inexpensive and vibrant alternative to grow with some late-season annuals. And with a  mid-August rainy period like the one we've had in Kansas City this year,  you've got the perfect opportunity to plant fall flowers.Autumn Flowers

Winter Is Coming

While everyone gets the itch to plant in the spring, the true landscaping enthusiast will consider even marigolds, which are notoriously tender for his or her autumn landscape. If  your landscaping includes trees, autumn flowers will only enhance the beautiful palette of colors that already graces your yard. If your landscaping is tree-less, annuals and perennials will add the vibrant colors you want before winter.

Hardy Plants to Endure the Frost

Hardy plants such as mums, ornamental kale, flowering cabbages and dusty miller provide the landscape with pops of color well after frosty weather arrives. While  kale and "flowering" cabbages are not technically flowers because they do not produce bulbs, they still grow gorgeous leaves for your landscape. Their hardiness and steadfastness mean that they will provide color long after real flowers are dead and gone.

Mix It Up

Throw in some more tender flowers, too. Their contribution to your landscape's fall colors may be brief, but it will be memorable. When choosing flowers, consider something like marigolds: their golden hue will complement the beautiful foliage perfectly.

Take Advantage of Late Summer Prices

You can find cheap flowers in July and August. Be sure to check the leaves top and bottom for signs of bugs, because a bug-ridden plant is no bargain.

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