Aerating your Yard

Have you ever walked across a yard, and realized that there were tiny little dirt holes everywhere, not to mention questionable looking  dirt plugs everywhere you step? That is the mark of an aerated yard. While aerating might look funny initially, it provides great benefits for those who need to jump start their yard work this spring, and provide optimum health for your front and back yards.

Benefits of Aerating your Yard

Aerating your yard provides several benefits. If you notice that your yard isn't growing like it should, or doesn't look ashealthy as it should be, consider aerating the soil. Especially if you have a regular fertilization program, water your yard, and take care of your lawn. This process pokes holes all throughout your yard to let oxygen and nutrients get down into the soil. Especially if you have an older home, often times yards can become compacted with dirt, compost, dead leaves, grass clippings and more. Instead of this providing nutrients to the soil, it can rest on top of the soil and invite insects, animals or unwanted creatures and diseases into your lawn. To prevent this problem, and to provide health for your soil, consider aerating your yard.

Aerating improves your Yard

Aearing your lawn will increase the oxygen flow throughout your soil. This will make your trees and plants healthier, as the roots will have more room to grow, too. You'll see an increased growth in your grass, as the roots will now have more room to grow new grass seedlings. Your yard will also be able to withstand dry spurts when we have weeks upon weeks without rain.