Aerating And Overseeding In The Fall

Although it sure doesn’t feel like it, fall is only about six weeks away, and boy are we ready here in KC. We've endured drought conditions for weeks and our poor lawns are tired, brown and unhappy. Fall is the best time for aerating and overseeding to give your yard a little TLC before winter sets in. Aerating and overseeding can heal your lawn from summer damage.We’ve talked before about aerating your lawn, taking little plugs of turf to allow for penetration of moisture and nutrients, spur new root growth, and letting the soil “breathe”. Aeration can be done by hand if you have the time and forearms but most people prefer mechanical aerators for better penetration and coverage. Mechanical aerators are labor intensive but you’ll love the results.After aerating, taking a long nap, and having a snack, it’s time to overseed your lawn. Fall is the best time to overseed as the soil is warm from the summer and this means the seed will germinate quicker than it would in the spring. The added bonus is that annual weeds like crabgrass will be at the end of their life cycle so there’s less competition and the new grass will eventually crowd out the weedsOverseeding is great for areas where kids and dogs play or other high-use areas. But just about any lawn will benefit from overseeding to build up a lush, weed-free turf. This is also a great opportunity to introduce a better quality of grass into the lawn. Adding a drought tolerant seed like tall fescue will help avoid some of the problems we’ve been seeing this year.Aeration and overseeding are terrific ways to renovate your lawn without the time, expense and effort of starting from scratch. It’s a one-two punch of fall lawn care and in the spring you’ll be rewarded by a healthy, lush and happy lawn less susceptible to next summer's surprises.Aerating and overseeding are certainly things you can do yourself with a rented machine and a free weekend or two. Check the tines to make sure they’re still in good shape before you take your aerator home. But if you want a thorough aeration as well as the best type of grass seed for your lawn call the pros at Olympic Lawn and Landscape. Our commercial machines can break through even the most impacted soil to get the best benefit from aeration. We'll also apply your grass seed finely and evenly afterwards. Olympic Lawn and Landscape will gladly take on your lawn renovation project so you can enjoy the cooler weather, and think about next year. But don’t wait, our aeration appointments fill up fast! Give us a call at (816) 875-9296.