Advantages of Planting Native Plants and Some Recommendations

Native plants that naturally grow in a certain climate have great benefits to the homeowner. Not only can these plants grow to their most attractive where the conditions are right, they also can save money on various gardening chemicals and treatments that non-native plants may require in order to look their best.

Benefits of Native Plants in Gardens

Native plants naturally grow to be their most attractive in climates they are found in. The leaves will be brighter, the plant fuller and more lush and the flowers more numerous. This can ensure every gardener can have a beautiful landscaping scheme with minimal effort.Native plants are better for the environment because they require less additional water, no fertilizer or other chemicals and support the natural ecosystem of the area. They also save the homeowner money on garden solutions and additives.

Native Plants in the Midwest

If you live in the Kansas City area or another region of the Midwest, you may enjoy the following native plants in your yard and garden:Deciduous holly grows as either a shrub or short tree. It is evergreen and has attractive red berries in the autumn. Indian cherry also has showy berries but loses its leaves in the fall after they turn a beautiful golden yellow. Beautyberry, chokeberry, and arrowood are other shrubs that have both spring flowers and fall fruit that attracts wildlife and birds.Native perennials that will come back year after year include the purple-blossomed aster, bee balm that also attracts butterflies, columbine, downy phlox and blue indigo, sage and lobelia.For a spot of summertime color, these annuals grow well as native plants in the Midwest: bright yellow coreopsis, red Indian paintbrush, black-eyed susan with tons of daisy-like flowers and the unique American basket flower.

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