50 Shades of Green: Choosing the Right Grass for Your Lawn

Midwesterners, listen up! Choosing the right grass for your lawn is an important task. In fact, with a little explanation, you, too, will possess the knowledge to select the perfect grass for your front and back lawn.Grass On White Background

Here’s what you need to consider:

• Ornamental grasses add color, texture, and movement to traditional lawns. All you have to do to keep them alive and thriving is to water them during drought and cut them back during spring. Ornamental grass varies in style making it easy to find one that suits you home and lawn. • Consider buffalo grass. It’s a Midwest prairie native which needs full sun. It grows best in warm season but does handle the cold well. It takes a while for it to grow. The plus side is that it’s drought-tolerant. • Bahia grass is good for infertile soil. If you find that grass doesn’t grow easily in your yard, try this variety and see how it does. It needs full sun to grow. When it does, it’s course but thick. • Zoysia grass loves sun and shade. Although it’s slow growing, it tolerates traffic well and produces a lush carpet. The most drought-resistant varieties are El Toro, Empire, Jamur, and Palisades.Knowing what zone you’re in and what types of grass grow best in your region helps a lot. Also having an idea of how to care for and maintain the grass you do grow makes a world of difference as to how good your lawn looks.Choose the best type of grass for your geographic location. Keep in mind your options and hire a trusted lawn care service to keep things looking great throughout the year. A little extra help significantly improves the appearance of your home and lawn for the better.Ready to learn more about our lawn care services? Call (816) 875-9296 or contact an Expert.