5 Useful Plants to Grow in Your Garden

When it comes to choosing which plants to grow in your garden, you’re faced with a rather large selection. You could go with fruit bearing bushes or fresh herbs or, you could plant flowers and medicinal plants. The choice is yours.Medicinal plants offer all-natural healing solutions to some of the most common ailments that people experience. Having a garden full of healing plants on hand is one easy way to stay healthy. Not only is it economically beneficial, it also gives you a sense of pride knowing you had a hand in growing these useful plants.

Here are five useful plants to grow in your garden:

• Chamomile - The heads of these flowers are used for infusions and salves. Chamomile is used to relieve anxiety and tension, indigestion and colic, as well as skin inflammation and irritations. • Lavender - Complete with antiseptic properties that heal cuts and bruises, Lavender also has aromatherapy properties, too. Smelling it eases tension and anxiety making it one of the top useful plants around. • Lemon Balm - A relative of mint, this useful plant has a number of different uses from treating insomnia to soothing an upset stomach. It also works wonders on healing cold sores by healing them quickly. • Parsley - More than just a garnish, useful plants like this offer relief from halitosis and flatulence. It’s a fresh herb that cleanses the palate which is why it’s often used to decorate food dishes. • Peppermint - Said to work wonders on both stomachaches and headaches, useful plants like this have leaves that are often dried and made into tea. Sometimes, the oil is used to flavor foods or used in aromatherapy treatments used in diffusers.The useful plants that you choose for your garden serve a purpose in so many ways. Whether it’s purely aesthetic, to satisfy you and your family’s nutritional and medicinal needs, to sell at farmers markets and other outdoor markets or to give you a sense of pride in accomplishment, gardening offers plenty of opportunities to plan and plant useful plants throughout the season.

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