4 Useful Autumn Landscaping Tips

Spring and summer aren't the only seasons for landscaping projects. Fall is a wonderful time for landscaping. Some projects get your yard ready for winter. Others make getting set for spring easier than ever. Either way, you'll be glad you spent some time getting your landscaping in shape.

Fall Landscaping Checklist

1. Rake, Weed and DethatchOne of your main landscaping features is the lawn. It's essential to rake up leaves in the fall so they don't block the grass blades from getting the sunlight they need. Also, neglecting the leaves may make your lawn prone to mold and all kinds of pests. With the leaves removed, it's time to weed. By removing weeds now, you'll make sure your grass gets the lion's share of the nutrients in the soil. Leaf raking may take care of a small thatch problem, but if you're dealing with serious compaction, you may need to aerate before winter sets in.2. Seed the LawnYour landscaping will look better than ever with fresh, green grass. Fall is the perfect time for laying down grass seed because the soil is warmer than in the spring. Your seeds will get a good start before temperatures dip to freezing or below.3. Winterize Garden BedsFlower and vegetable beds make beautiful enhancements for your landscaping, but they do require care in the fall. Make certain to remove dead and fallen plant matter to avoid inviting diseases in the next growing season. Now is also the time to mulch to protect your plants over the cold season.4. Winterize Shrubs and TreesEven though the weather is cooler and likely to be wetter now, don't neglect to water trees and shrubs. Making certain they are properly hydrated now will help them survive the winter better. Give deciduous trees and shrubs a deep watering after they've shed their leaves and water evergreens at the same time. This way, they'll have water to draw from during a freeze.

Enjoy Fall With Help From Landscaping Experts

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