2012 Landscaping Trends

Spring is just around the corner and lawn and garden magazines are sharing all the hype on the newest trends for 2012. From big colors on small plants to textured leaves, the 2012 landscaping trends are in and its officially time to start planning your perfect 2012 lawn now!Better Homes and Gardens just released its Top Garden Trends for 2012, giving readers a chance to dream up some big plans. The great news is that most gardening trends are really easy to do yourself and very affordable if you are looking to hire a local landscaper. With a little planning and prep-work you will be on your way to a luscious lawn.

Less is More

One of the top trends in 2012 is utilizing your spaces wisely. To best accomplish this goal find smaller plants that bring big color to their space.One way horticulturists are helping in this process is by introducing dwarf versions of popular plants. One such plant is the butterfly bush. This bush when purchased in the dwarf size allows you to add a lot of pop and color to a space without having to worry about it taking over the rest of the flower bed.When you have a plant such as the dwarf butterfly bush you can create a scene of color that also attracts beautiful nature in a small space.


Along with adding some color to your lawn, try adding varying green plants with different textures, such as elephant ears. Texture is a big hit in 2012 because it is usually overlooked. But by adding in just a tad of texture to your color you can really make your garden grand! The curve of the leaves or wrinkles around the edges are sure to standout from the rest of your normal plants.One of the best things about a textured plant is that it also lives longer than most of your other plants. Textured plants are durable and are a must in any garden this year!

Grill and Garden

One final big trend in 2012 is to liven up your outdoor patio with a taste of your garden. Use raised garden beds, potted plants and bird feeders to decorate the outskirts of your patio!One of the biggest hits in the grill and garden trend is having a fire ring. Making the fire ring the center of your outdoor patio is a great way to add tremendous curb appeal to your backyard.The perk to dressing up your patio goes along with the idea of small space landscaping. Small space landscaping is making a scene this year. Instead of making your entire lawn look uniform, small space landscaping allows you to break up your lawn into smaller segments. Decorating the patio, making a spot for the kids play area, or even creating a wild-life sanctuary in your back yard are all great ways to create small spaces.So now that the trends are in, it is time for you to start making your plans. Think big and may your gardening dreams come true!